Two New Yoga Classes on JohnnyFit Online

Two new yoga classes on JohnnyFit Online have just launched!

Yoga Classes on JohnnyFit

A lot of you are thinking about getting more fit for the new year, and trying to figure out how to do it. JohnnyFit Online has all of the tools that you need for your home workout program. Two new yoga classes are now live. The JFit Pro membership currently includes:

  • 3 TRX Bootcamp Classes
  • 3 Kettlebell Bootcamp Classes
  • 3 Dumbbell Bootcamp Classes
  • 3 Bodyweight Bootcamp Classes
  • 2 Kettleplex Classes, 1 using a single kettlebell, 1 with double kettlebells
  • 1 Cardio Class
  • 2 Yoga Classes

More classes are continuing to be added all the time! Before you throw down a lot of cash for a gym membership that you’ll never use, try these workouts and have access to your own online trainer!

Vinyasa Level 1

A 50 minute vinyasa class. This class covers basic poses for those seeking a solid practice and solid instruction to deepen your poses.

Yoga Classes on JohnnyFit

Introduction to Meditation

A 10 minute intro to meditation. New to meditation? Let Johnny guide you to deep breathing, and a calmer mind!

Yoga classes on JohnnyFit

Coming in January

Next month look for two additional yoga classes, the first Phase 2 bootcamp workout, and another Kettleplex class!

If you’re a home fitness enthusiast, and enjoy various DVD programs, then try this online fitness program. There are no discs that get scratched, and you can stream it wherever you have internet!

JohnnyFit Online Bootcamp & Yoga

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