TRX Yoga Fusion Workout

It’s no secret that I’m really into TRX and yoga. I have a Suspension Trainer stretch and cool down routine that has elements of TRX yoga, so you can imagine my fascination when I recently discovered a series of YouTube videos that combine TRX and vinyasa yoga.

The videos are created by Jenine McGann, owner of P.O.W.E.R., LLC, which is an innovative personal training business focused solely on female clients of all ages. P.O.W.E.R.’s core philosophy is empowering women to redefine their fitness routine and take ownership of their choices.

So far, she has four different videos with unique TRX yoga flows. Check them out below!

TRX Yoga Flow

TRX Vinyasa Flow

TRX Yoga Fusion

TRX Yoga Workout

If you’ve come across any other TRX and yoga hybrid videos then definitely let me know! I’d love to see them. Feel free to post links to them in the comment section below.

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