Yoga: TRX Half Moon

The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment, so it would only make sense for me to combine it with my favorite form of exercise – yoga.

Half Moon

Half moon, or Ardha Chandrasana is one of my favorite yoga poses. It requires intense focus, core muscle control, and the ability to open the hips and externally rotate your thighs. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is possible to modify with yoga blocks that work to bring the floor closer to your lower hand for support.

The TRX Suspension Trainer can also be used in a way that helps you discover the shape of the pose with your body, while providing just enough resistance that works to stabilize your body in the pose. In other words, if half moon pose is hard for you, try the TRX half moon for more balance and support. From there, you can explore the stabilizing muscles that are involved, and improve your pose the next time you step away from the TRX Suspension Trainer.

If you’re not a yogi, then the TRX half moon is a great exercise in its own right, and I have used it plenty of times in a bootcamp scenario.

TRX Half Moon

How to Yoga TRX Half Moon

  1. Stand with one foot at the center point of your TRX Suspension Trainer, and extend the other leg back.
  2. Stack the top hip over the bottom hip.
  3. Raise the extended leg just higher than the hips, and flex the back foot towards your body to firm up the core.
  4. Fully extend through both legs, and both arms.
  5. Continue to press down with the hands throughout the entire range of motion for more core stability.
  6. Hold the pose at its apex (the height that you can get it) isometrically engaged for a second before returning to the upright position.
  7. Come into an upright position, and squeeze the knee of the previously extended back leg into the abdominals for a crunch, and then extend the leg back into the half moon position.
  8. Make sure to do both sides.

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Have you tried the TRX half moon yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Yoga: TRX Half Moon”

  1. This TRX Half Moon thing is great, Johnny, even if I do have a bit of a challenge not to fall over. I used to do yoga back in college (that was just before they invented fire), but as I recall, most things were just seated or lying-down stretches. I’m starting to notice that yoga today seems to have evolved into something much more challenging and more well-rounded (involving strength as well as stretching). Or maybe that’s just some particular type of yoga, I don’t really know the differences.

    I do a lot of weight training and TRX and HIIT (for many years, my main staple used to be lap swimming), but to my surprise, I’m feeling drawn back toward yoga. Your TRX stretching/cool down routine, by the way, has become my favorite, pretty much replacing many of the yoga moves I used to rely on to stay loose.

    1. It really does add an element of stability to an otherwise challenging pose!

      There is a style of yoga for every physicality and need: strength, relaxation, a good stretch, cardio, etc. Even though I still pursue a bit of everything, yoga has become my main form of physical exercise. The skill and focus required to advance in your practice is far more interesting to me than trying to do ever heavier squats and curls.

      I love that TRX Cool Down and Stretch myself! It blows people away that the TRX can be used in this manner!

      1. Ironically, on the very day I seem to be reawakening to yoga, a hex bar I ordered from Amazon — to be used as a safer form of deadlift and for farmer’s walks — arrived. I seem to be pulled in two directions, but I’m starting to think of yoga more as a type of functional training (not that weight training isn’t “functional” in its own right) rather than as a sort of warm up or cool down, as I used to view it.

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