Evolution of a Yoga Teacher: Yoga Teacher Training Portland Update

A couple of weeks ago, I revealed that I was beginning yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga Portland. I’m now 2 weeks into my teacher training, 1/4 of the way through. I want to spend a few moments talking about what I’ve learned so far.

Yoga Teacher Training Portland

In my last writing about this, I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to talk about my yoga teacher training, as I already teach yoga classes with personal clients and the bootcamp gym where I work. However, over the past couple of weeks, I realized that I offer a unique perspective into teacher training, and I feel that it’s worth opening up to whoever is interested in hearing about it.

Summer CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

Apparently, the summer session of yoga teacher training Portland is not as full as the spring and fall offerings are. In all, there are only twelve to fourteen of us going through the training, and we all have variable experience in our practice. From what I understand, there were over fifty people who attended the previous spring offering. Portland summers are short, so part of me wants to spend summer on things besides yoga teacher training, but I’m benefiting from having a smaller class, so it’s okay.

A few of the teacher trainees are very new to power yoga. They talk about spending their evenings perusing the manual in order to become familiar with the terms and poses. In a way, I think that these individuals are the bravest of the bunch, as it must take a lot of courage to commit to teaching something that they are only now becoming familiar with.

I’m excited for all of us, and feel fortunate that the session that I am attending is not as crowded as it could be. I am looking forward to watching all of our paths unfold before us, and will look forward to running into these individuals again down the road as we progress.

So far, I have avoided talking about what I do for a living, and have only disclosed to a few that I’m a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. I don’t want to come off as a know it all, which I most certainly am not, and I want to be as humble as possible.

In some respects, my experience giving instructions to people probably makes it a lot easier for me to get up in front of people and instruct, but humility is something I need more practice in.

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Portland Outline

The general format of the summer yoga teacher training at CorePower Portland is eight weeks long. We meet for three hours every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. There is an additional Friday meeting thrown into one of the weeks, as well as a requirement that we attend 5 yoga classes per week. Two of the five classes per week should be the C1 class, which is the introduction to power yoga class, and is the sequence that we are learning to teach.

Wednesdays are lecture days in which we learn yoga subjects such as: Principles of CorePower Yoga; 8 Limbs of Yoga; History of Yoga; Chakras; Partner Yoga; The Art of Hands on Assists; Themes, Music, and Rhythm; and The Business of Yoga.

Saturdays and Sundays are practical days where we get right into breaking down poses, instructing classes into poses, giving pose modifications, giving deepening ques, and sequencing.

Even though this is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teaching program, the math doesn’t seem to add up to 200. I wonder if that’s something that I should ask about, but really, fourteen hours a week of yoga seems like plenty to me!

Immediate Benefit of Yoga Teacher Training

I knew that I still had a lot to learn about teaching yoga, which is why I was really interested in pursuing this certification. I have been able to put a few of the things I’ve learned into practice already with the couple of yoga classes that I’ve taught since starting teacher training.

Over the months that I’ve been teaching, I’ve gotten a lot better about queuing into position, without having to demonstrate. It’s something that I’ve been working on, and studying what other yoga teachers do. It has been really helpful to use CorePower’s approach to guide the yogi into the general shape of the pose within three ques from the ground up, and then deepen them further into the pose with three additional ques.

Additionally, I’ve learned to be more direct and personal by using “your (body part)” instead of “the (body part)”. I also realize that I have a tendency to be a little wordy in my instructions, and need to practice being more focused in what I say.

Implementing these things in last Saturday’s yoga class at Fulcrum Fitness really had an effect. Everyone loved the workout (not that they don’t usually :)), and it finished with me feeling like it was one of the best flowing classes I’ve taught yet.

I’ll probably update you a few more times before this is all over. I think that one of these posts every quarter of the way through will help me to put into perspective where I am, and hopefully give some helpful insight to anyone who is considering taking the yoga teacher training at CorePower Portland.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts about this, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below, and on Facebook!


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