Nude Yoga Selfies – The Great Yoga Debate

The chances are pretty good that you’ve seen yoga selfies all over the internet. Heck, they’re everywhere – selfies in beautiful places, nude yoga selfies, and insane yoga pose selfies. Some people even argue that it’s a narcissistic behavior that is ruining yoga!

Nude Yoga Selfie

This phenomenon seems to mostly involve women yogis. If scientists were to look at this more closely, they’d likely discover some type of narcissism gene that has mutated, or perhaps it’s hormonal.

Now don’t go calling me sexist for making that claim. I’m here to debunk all of that today, and prove that men can be every bit as narcissistic as women. I’ll do that by posting my own nude yoga photos, and then share them to Pinterest and Instagram.

History of the Nude Yoga Selfie

I’ll even go a step further and claim that men invented the yoga selfie. Perhaps you’ve heard of a book called Light on Yoga? It’s only one of the most important books of yoga, and it’s full of selfies. If a yoga selfie is good enough for B.K.S. Iyengar, then it’s good enough for me!

Selfies have a practical purpose in the study of yoga. My teacher taught us to use a Light on Yoga selfie as a reference point. We would choose a pictured pose from that book, and take a picture of ourselves in that pose. Next, we would create a sequence of related poses, practice to that sequence, and then retake our photo to see if our form had improved to more closely resemble Iyengar’s pose.

Now, this all might be a little tongue-in-cheek, but I am being serious when I say that using Light on Yoga’s selfies to create sequences designed to improve our own rendition of a pose is a fantastic way to do pose research. It’s a practical way to develop an understanding of how a logical sequence sets you up for success in a yoga pose.

Nude Yoga

The Great Yoga Selfie Backlash

Even though doing pose research via home study, and in public is an important aspect of a modern yogi’s study, there is some backlash occurring in the media. Some people are offended by the ease in which others master these learning techniques, and will go to great lengths to discredit and belittle the accomplishments of our yogi brethren.

These people refer to themselves as the purists. They’re the authority on what is and what isn’t authentic yoga, and if they say that this is a bastardization of what yoga is supposed to be, then we should listen to them. I don’t quite like the term “Purist” though. It’s not like any modern person can provide a literal interpretation of a two thousand year old text… Let’s just call these people right wing yogis.

I think that they have names, but I’m not sure what they are. They submit articles for Elephant Journal, and they’re not well known.

The real tragedy is that the louder these right wing yogis yell foul, the more popular selfie luminaries such as Kino MacGregor and Hilaria Baldwin.

Kino MacGregorHilaria Baldwin

The Future of Yoga

Truth be told, yoga is not a static thing. The practice has been evolving for thousands of years, and will continue to expand until it dominates all aspects of life. A translation of the word yoga is “Union”. Knowing that, I’m not so sure that we can escape the inevitable path before us. We’re heading towards a borg-like Anandamaya Selfie, and it is bliss!

Nude Yoga

3 thoughts on “Nude Yoga Selfies – The Great Yoga Debate”

  1. You’re pretty ripped Johnny! So what’s the bottom line – do you like nude selfies or not? I think some look pornographic, lol, but whatevs. I don’t get you yogis anyhoo 😛

    1. Like all things Suzanne, it depends! 🙂

      I guess it depends on who’s in the selfie if I like it or not. Honestly, it’s a form of marketing, and if you want to be a professional in this business then you have to market. Very few are able to sustain themselves without marketing in some form or other.

      What some people find distasteful, others will be drawn to. The trick is to find those people who like what you do, be yourself, and give them more of it. In the meantime, let the whole world know that you’re here!

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