Elevate Your Yoga Business

Hey friends, I want to tell you about an a new program that will help you bridge the gap between being a yoga teacher and becoming a successful yoga entrepreneur.


I know that a lot of you are also yoga teachers, fitness instructors, and personal trainers. Some of you are trying to figure out your unique style. You know, that thing that sets you apart from all of the other teachers and trainers in your area. With all of the competition, it can be a challenge to make this a full-time career.

What Is Elevate Your Yoga Business

Let me introduce you to Elevate Your Yoga Business. This is a 6 week online program for aspiring teachers who want to take their game to the next level.

In this program you will work on the following topics that will guide you towards being the teacher that you want to be:

  • Lay the foundation for creating a yoga business that reflects your deepest purpose.
  • Identify and select the business model that fits you best.
  • Craft a plan to build and grow your community.
  • Identify your ideal client + the unique outcome you’ll provide + the transformation that you will deliver.
  • Learn how to build and offer successful workshops and retreats.
  • Backwards engineer a strategy for achieving your yoga business goals.

Why am I telling you about this?

First of all, nobody is paying me for this article. I do know Jill and Michael Knouse, the creators and presenters of this program. Neither one of them has asked me to promote it, nor are they aware that I am writing this blog post about it.

I am writing to you about this because I believe this will be helpful to you. I believe in the potential of this program, and that it will deliver practical and immediately useful information that will help you navigate a career as a yoga teacher.

Jill Knouse

Jill has been a good friend, and teacher of mine for a number of years. She’s one of the most sought after yoga teachers in the Pacific Northwest.

A couple of years ago I was among the first graduates of Jill’s Elevate Yoga Trainings. That program had a huge impact on me, and I recommend it to any teacher trying to figure out “What’s next?” after their 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Elevate Yoga Trainings

Michael Knouse

I was introduced to Michael as he was researching the launch of his podcast, The Startup Sessions. The Startup Sessions is all about helping aspiring entrepreneurs figure out how they can make a living while doing work that matters to them.

I was honored to be the second guest ever featured on his show, which has gone on to be wildly successful.

Find meaning, purpose, and freedom

Now joined together, team Knouse is going to deliver a program that yoga teachers everywhere are screaming for. This program will help you cultivate your unique voice into a thriving heart centered business that both fulfills you, and allows you to prosper in a competitive market.

Check out all of the details on their site and get signed up today for this session of Elevate Your Yoga Business!

Elevate Your Yoga Business


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