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CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Observations

Over the weekend I reached the halfway point in my yoga teacher training. In a sense, the time has gone by really quickly, but in another sense, it’s hard to fathom that I still have four weeks to go. Last week’s time commitment involved seventeen hours dedicated to yoga. Now that’s a lot of time to dedicate to something in a week!

Yoga Teacher Training

Since my last update on the yoga teacher training, I’ve sat in and observed a CorePower C1 class, we’ve continued to explore the CorePower C1 sequence, had interesting lectures on the history of yoga, Chakras and the energies of the body, and had an intensive nine hours of class time dedicated to the study of anatomy as it applies to yoga.

Additionally, I’ve continued to teach the C1 sequence to my classes at Fulcrum Fitness. I’m determined to have it perfected within the next couple of weeks. Sometimes I tend to run a little long in the sequence and have to remove a pose or two. Getting that timing down is my next goal as far as the physical practice is concerned. I feel really fortunate that I already have clients and students to practice on.

I originally intended with this post, to provide an overview of the topics we’ve discussed in the history, anatomy, and Chakra lectures, but as I organize my thoughts, I realize that each of those things is probably an entire blog post in their own right. I’ll try and find the time to chronicle those experiences soon. In the meantime, I’ll relate with my tongue-in-cheek observation of the C1 class.

Observing CorePower Yoga’s C1 Class

I had the opportunity to observe a C1 class. I arrived at the morning class shortly before class began, and informed the instructor that I was taking the teacher training at CorePower and asked if she would mind me observing.

She allowed me to sit in, and I took a seat in the back corner.

There wasn’t a whole lot to observe. There were only five people in the class, which made observing feel kind of awkward at the beginning. The instructor didn’t announce my presence or anything, so I was just a guy, sitting, and watching.

No one seemed to mind that I was watching them do yoga, so after the initial weirdness wore off, I tried to sit as calmly and unassuming as possible, while I watched the instructor go through the C1 routine.

Most of the students this morning seemed to be at a beginner or intermediate level. The instructor had plenty of opportunities to make minor adjustments when needed.

I’m unaccustomed to sitting still for long periods, and I found that my mind wandered often. It was the perfect time to practice my yoga breathing, which I often do when I find that I need to force myself to relax.

As I sat and watched, and hoped that the girl in front of me didn’t mind me looking at her downward facing dog, I tried to pay attention to the other little things going on around the room.

The instructor’s voice was soothing, and calm. I’ve had other yoga instructors, whose voices didn’t have this quality. I much prefer this variety.

The music seemed to flow with the class and I wondered if it was an actual play list or just Pandora. I know from experience that putting play lists together can be rather time consuming, and I often fall back on Pandora for my bootcamps. Yes, I have the upgraded version that doesn’t play commercials! I wondered what sort of information we would cover about putting play lists together, later on in teacher training.

As the little yoga dance played out, and the students were winding down through their resting poses, the instructor sprayed some lavender spray to add to the atmosphere. I told myself to remember and buy some. I wondered what brand she used. Later, I would go home and order Mrs. Meyers Room Freshener Lavender 8 Ounces from Amazon.

Fortunately, this little experience counts as one of the forty hours of classes that I have to attend as part of teacher training. I left happy that I had one less workout to fit in, but knowing that at some point in the day, I still had to make time to fit in an actual workout.


“Yoga is the rule book for playing the game of Life, but in this game, no one needs to lose. It is tough and you need to train hard. It requires the willingness to think for yourself, to observe and correct, and to surmount occasional setbacks. It demands honesty, sustained application, and above all, LOVE in your heart. If you are interested to understand what it means to be a human being, placed between earth and sky, if you are interested in where you come from and where you will be able to go, if you want happiness and long for freedom, then you have already begun the first steps toward the journey inward.”

~BKS Iyengar – Light on Life

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