SandBell Exercise: Plank Figure 8

Planks are hard, and planks are effective, but wouldn’t be cool to take it up another notch?

Uh, NO!

Well, too bad! I’ve taken an already challenging exercises and injected it with brutality juice!



  • Abs
  • Core
  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Chest
  • Back

In the bootcamps I teach, I like to include exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. I want to be really efficient with time, and work as many body parts as possible.

Building upon my collection of SandBell exercises, the SandBell plank figure 8, makes your whole body scream! This exercise will build a rock solid core, and is phenomenal for the abdominals.

Plank Figure 8

  1. Find low plank position on your forearms, with the SandBell to the outside of one of your arms.
  2. Reach across your body and grab the SandBell that is outside of the opposite arm.
  3. Pull the SandBell across your body and place it on the floor on the other side. You will want to pull the SandBell far enough so that it ends up outside of the pulling arm when you set it down into low plank.
  4. Repeat for as long as you dare, but make sure to do the same number of repetitions on both sides!

SandBell exercise plank figure 8

SandBell Tips

Wide legs make it easier to stabilize the body in this exercise.

Work to keep your hips squared to the floor and prevent your upper body from rotating into side plank.

Keep your butt down, this is plank!

You can do this from your knees if you need to modify.

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6 thoughts on “SandBell Exercise: Plank Figure 8”

  1. That figure 8 thing is outstanding! I don’t even yet have a sandbell, but I tried this with a mere 10-pound medicine ball that has soft handles you can grab onto, and it was very effective.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I almost forgot about this exercise, and I’m glad to be reminded that I should pull it back out. It’s an extremely challenging exercise that really gets into the core.

      1. And, while I’m sure a Sandbell is ideal for this because of the way you can grab it, I’ve found that, for those who don’t have one, it works with a dumbbell, a small kettlebell, or even a “Fusion Fit Disc” — a 7-lb wheel shaped thing which I happened to find for $12.99 at Marshall’s. (For those who find planks particularly challenging, it would probably even work with a pillow.)

  2. Used stop action and my best magnifying glass, and I think I discerned a number on that sandbell in the Plank Figure 8. Is it … 15 pounds? (Thinking of getting either a 15 or a 20 just for this particular purpose, though either would probably make a good “slam pillow” as well.)

      1. I see you used a 30-pounder for that slam video. It’s hard to know what different weights would really feel like without trying them. In an effort to get a better sense, I put 12.5 and 15 pounds worth of weight plates inside a throw pillow from my couch, and they both felt pretty heavy doing those Figure 8s. I have slammed a 10-pound Dynamax-type ball to good effect, though more weight might be better for that purpose.

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