SandBell Exercise – Clean-Squat-Press-Slam



  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Core

I’m lucky enough to have a full set of these HyperWear SandBells at my bootcamp gym, and get plenty of opportunity to see these things in some serious action!

The cool thing about these SandBells is that they are safe and soft enough to drop on feet, even the 50lb ones! They challenge your grip strength with every exercise, and the shifting sand challenges your stabilizing muscles.

They are durable enough to slam repeatedly. In fact, in my bootcamps I challenge people to break them. With at least 6 months of solid use, I have yet to see one burst open.

If you ever decide to order any, the SandBells can be shipped empty and filled when you get them. It saves you a ton of cash on shipping. Anyone who’s ever ordered dumbbells or kettlebells know how much that can add up! You can send a full set of Empty SandBells (which, when filled are a total of 222 lbs) for around $15. Then you can get your own sand for less than $25 at the local hardware store and fill them yourself.

HyperWear recommends DRY play sand, available at most major hardware stores.


  • Set your feet about slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Scoot your butt back to pick up the SandBell. Make sure that your knees don’t track out beyond your toes.
  • Grab the edge of one side of the SandBell with both hands, drive your feet into the floor, and press your legs straight. At the same time, flip your wrists so that the SandBell lands on top of your hands and forearms.
  • Press the SandBell overhead so that it goes airborne.
  • While in the air, slide your hands to the top side of the SandBell and slam it into the ground with power and intensity.

SandBell Tips

  1. Keep your abdominals tight and engaged throughout the entire duration of the exercise.
  2. Protect your lower back and keep your head and chest up. This may be a soft weight, but it’s still a weight!

Have you worked out with SandBells before? I’d love to hear your opinion of them in the comments section!

SandBell Exercise

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