Dumbbell Moves: Alternating Supination Curls

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Supination Curls

The supination curl is one of my favorite arm exercises. Anytime I end up doing any kind of bicep curls, this exercise seems to be included. I love working the arms, and like showing them off even more. I always feel like I get a huge pump from doing these.


  1. Stand with the dumbbells at your side so that your wrists are facing behind you.
  2. Curl the weight towards your chest and shoulder while externally rotating the forearm so that the wrist is facing towards you at the end of the curl.
  3. Squeeze the bicep tightly at the top and try to maintain as little movement in your upper body as possible so that your bicep does the work of raising the weight.


Avoid arching your back or jerking your shoulder in order to lift the weight. If you have to do either of those things, then you have chosen a weight that is too heavy for you or you have lost form and have completed your reps.

Your bicep will benefit more from doing lower reps with correct form than from doing more reps with incorrect form.

JohnnyFit demonstrates Supination Curls

2 thoughts on “Dumbbell Moves: Alternating Supination Curls”

  1. Just a suggestion nothing more. Perhaps when you start your video exercises using free weights for us the general public to view your technique you might consider using lighter weights. The reason I suggest this is because before I learn this exercise I want to see the proper technique from start to finish. There’s nothing wrong with going rather slower to show us how to utilize the muscle groups we’re intended to use. For me, personally, if I used really heavy weights right now, my back would come into play and i might even strain it or my neck by swinging the weights up and down. With a lighter weight I would have more control.

    I’m confident in your fitness level to note that you are NOT swinging your arms or cheating with other muscles, but for me – I would.

    For me reading about the technique and then watching you perform the exercise with a controlled lighter weight would really demonstrate the benefit of the exercise. Just a thought nothing more. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Greg, thanks for the suggestion. Showing a portion of the clip in slow motion might be something I consider in the future. These are the first videos I’ve ever edited or uploaded.

    Allow me to explain the weight I chose to use for this exercise. I didn’t use a heavy weight to show off. Far from it. I’m not the strongest guy on the block, nor the smartest. I’m humble enough to know that! I chose a weight that maxed out my repetitions in the 6-10 range. Meaning, I had to really struggle to pull of the last rep and stopped when I knew I could no longer maintain good form!

    If you are doing weight training and don’t really feel the burn on your last couple of reps then you are not using a proper amount of weight! It doesn’t matter if you are shooting for 10 reps or 20, if you can easily do the last rep, then you didn’t use enough weight and are wasting time.

    The amount of movement displayed by my upper body was within a tolerable range or else I would not have used this clip.

    There are ways you can modify this move to isolate the arm even more, so that more of the work is placed directly on the bicep and provide less opportunity for other body parts to help out. I would suggest doing this move seated on a bench or chair with a back that you could sit flush against, a seated alternating supination curl.

    Sitting with your back flat against a bench helps you to stabilize the upper body for less movement.

    Another type of curl that isolates the bicep is a preacher curl. I haven’t written a post on it yet but I have a YouTube clip of it here.

    I feel that core strengthening will alleviate a lot of back problems but I also need to emphasize that I am not specialized in rehabilitative or physical therapy training.

    One last thing. I know that when I search YouTube looking for workout clips, I usually find them with trainers talking about the move for a minute or more, trying to impress us with how much they know, before demonstrating the move. I freaking hate that and have decided to make my clips go straight to the point. Then, if inclined, one can go to the corresponding post on the clip at my website and get a better description. I’m sure others will have similar questions and concerns as you have.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to make this post better!

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