How to Build Lean Muscle Mass Through Weight Training

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Lean Muscle MassMany of those who begin weight training wish to learn how they can build lean muscle mass fast. For this, you have to learn the secrets behind weight training. You need to realize that you should build your muscle the right way; or else you are wasting time. Here in this article, you will learn the best ways that help you achieve lean muscle fast.

To start with, you have to identify the things you are going to do in the weight training program. You should know about which exercises should be done on which days, and also how many reps to be done per set. You have to plan your meal for the day, and you should know the number of calories that you eat per day.

If you already follow all the above, congratulations, you are aware of all the basics for building lean muscle mass. But if you do not follow all or some of the above, you should pay attention as you should not miss anything from the weight training program.

Now, you are going to learn the secrets that help you achieve lean muscle fast. Before that, you have to learn the basics. You should not consider these basics as kiddie stuff. You will be wondering to know that many guys get their strongest and biggest muscles by paying attention on these basics.

Compound Multi-Jointed Exercises

These exercises work on more number of muscle groups than regular exercises. Hence, if you really want to achieve big muscles quickly, then you should follow these compound multi-joined exercises.

Following are some of the compound multi-joined exercises that can help in building lean muscle mass fast. You can also find the information on which muscle groups these exercises work.

  • Barbell rows and pull-ups (biceps and back)
  • Squats (lower back and legs)
  • Overhead press (triceps and shoulders)
  • Bar dips (arms, chest and shoulders)
  • Bench press (triceps, shoulders and chest)
  • Deadlifts (shoulders, back and legs)

Importance of barbell rows and pull-ups (biceps and back)

These are one of the best exercises that help you to achieve lean muscle fast. Hence make sure that you include barbell rows and pull-ups into your workout routine.

Heavy Weight Lifting

You have to lift heavy weights if you really want to achieve lean muscle mass quickly. It is as simple as that. You should not be anxious about what others are lifting at your gym. Just focus on your weight lifting and your progress. However, make sure that the weights you lift are heavy enough to challenge your body and at the same time should not be too heavy that they can injure you.

Following is the best way to understand if the weight you are lifting is too light, too heavy or just right for your body – when you use the correct form and are able to execute 8 to 12 reps with each weight, then the weight is just right enough to challenge your body; If you are not able to do 7 reps, then it is too heavy; and if you are able execute more than 12 reps, then the it is too little for your body.

If you want to achieve lean muscle, complete 7 to 12 reps to offer yourself the biggest pains. Instead, if you wish to increase the strength, then try doing 1 to 6 reps.

No Long Training Sessions!

If you really want to achieve lean muscle quickly, then you should understand that long training sessions do not work! For best results, you should make sure that the weight training session is not more than an hour.

Also, you do not have to train daily. Three days per week is enough, especially when you follow the below mentioned time-table or any similar one.

  • Monday: biceps, back and arms
  • Tuesday: break
  • Wednesday: legs
  • Thursday: break
  • Friday: triceps, shoulders and chest
  • Saturday: break
  • Sunday: break

Thus, you have understood the basic secrets behind building lean muscle mass. The key to successful weight training for building lean muscle mass is planned workouts along with enough rest and proper diet plan. If you manage to follow the above mentioned tips, you will soon find everyone asking for your secrets.


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  1. I’ve had incredible success using cable exercises with compound exercises. I really love the pump and how I maximize tension for the entire range of movement with cable exercises. I usually use cables after a compound exercise.

    Specifically, cable exercises are fantastic for arms and shoulders (lateral raises). For example, I find behind the head cable extensions much better than DB behind the head extensions for triceps.

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