Arms Dumbbell Workout

A previous post called 10 Week Training Cycle Revisited talked about the workout program I designed for myself over the next 10 weeks. Today, I’m going to give you an example of what I do on the arms day.

Sexy Arms

Arms day is my favorite workout of the week. I always look forward to arms!

The main idea behind this workout is to alternate bicep moves with tricep moves and do exercises that also hit the forearms.

There are 8 exercises, all done for 10 reps each (except for the dips), so choose a weight that you can keep good form with for 10 reps. After a while, you will become familiar with how many reps of each weight you can do. Try writing things down and taking notes so that you can remember what adjustments you might need to make the next time you do this workout.

Try to fit in at least 3 sets. I use a 4th set as a bonus round. Trust me, if you can make it through round 4, you’re going to feel like your arms are going to fall off! Fortunately, my arms recover quickly and I end up with one hell of a pump!

Dumbbell Arms Workout

Set 1, 2, 3, 4

I try to keep my rests between moves to 30 seconds and my rests between sets to 2 minutes. It is a struggle to finish this in 1 hour!

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