Follow Your Gut

I recently posted about this topic in my article Go Big or Go Home, but I wanted to elaborate from a more personal perspective.

Follow Your Gut

About a month ago (February 15 to be exact) I quit my comfortable day job as a Life and Disability Insurance Benefits Examiner. This is a job that had fantastic benefits and saw me through the recession without a scratch. Really, all around me people were struggling for work, Portland had a very high unemployment rate, but on a personal level, I hardly noticed that a recession was going on.

Follow Your Gut

Now I’m not advocating for people to go out and quit their jobs, but I am imploring you to listen to your thoughts about what it is you really want out of life, and what it is you want to do.

Obviously, it was a big decision for me to quit my job and pursue self employment.

First of all, this isn’t something that I whimsically chose to do. I meticulously planned the creation of my fitness business for over 2 years. I saved a decent sized nest egg to cover several months of my financial responsibilities, to allow me to ease into this transition without a sudden loss in income. Something I would have been unable to do without the comfort of my previous job.

Second, I’m supplementing my own revenue with part time work at Fulcrum Fitness by running bootcamp and yoga classes 5 days per week.

Third, I have the support of friends and family to encourage me to succeed, spread the word that I’m taking on new clients, and ultimately get my back if I failed miserably and needed to keep a roof over my head while I scrambled for a Plan B. Luckily, so far-so good. I never made a Plan B because I never planned on failing.

Succeeding 1 Day At A Time

I’m happy to say that things are off to a good start. I’ve acquired some new training clients, I continue to see more traffic to the website,  and my bootcamp classes are filling up days before they happen.

Additionally, my mood and general attitude has lifted tremendously since I’ve been able to dive into what I love to do, full time. Now, I’ve always been fairly positive, which I attribute to a healthy lifestyle, but doing something that you have no passion for, day in and day out, can really be a drain on your psyche. Add the long, grey, and rainy Portland winter on top of that and being positive can be difficult, to say the least.

I’ve also had the time to make the minor tweaks and adjustments to my website that were previously on the back burner, due to time constraints. Maybe you’ve noticed the small changes or perhaps only I can since I scour every detail with maniacal precision. Either way, I’m excited about my progression as a fitness blogger, trainer, and web entrepreneur.

I’m also really close to fulfilling my promise to the newsletter subscribers with workout eBooks and a follow up Total Body Kettlebell workout to my previous Kettlebell Core Cardio workout. The workout eBooks I’m working on are kind of a trial run for a much larger fitness book that I’m planning to write soon, and the production quality on the new workout video is phenomenal. All thanks to the work of some very talented ladies and their production company that I will be showing off real soon.

Anyway, I’m starting to feel that I’m babbling and need to rope in this post and get back on point.

The Gut Don’t Lie

My point is, I’m happy, excited, passionate, enthusiastic, and hopeful about my current path, and I think it has a lot to do with following my instinct about what I want to do with my life, how I want to earn my living, and spend every day.

It didn’t just fall into my lap. I spend countless hours, working, writing, planning, perfecting, implementing, and performing. But you know what? It doesn’t really feel like work when you love it!

Thanks gut! I’m happy that I listened to you. I find that I’m more fulfilled by going big, instead of going home.


Do you have any moments in your life where you took a leap of faith? Did you follow your gut? Did you succeed? Did you fail? I’d love to be able to learn from your experience. Let me know in the comments below!

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