Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout

Total Body Kettlebell Sequence


Total Body Kettlebell Sequence

Total Body Kettlebell Sequence is an advanced, all out, total body, brutal assault! In staying true to the format of my YouTube videos, I wanted a workout video that was free of lengthy trainer dialog and got right to the point of butt kicking action. Don’t forget to turn up the volume. The soundtrack is a nice workout track that fits in nicely with the intensity of the video! All members of JohnnyFit Online can access Total Body Kettlebell!

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FREE 18 Page eBook Companion

To assist you in mastering these exercises, I’ve created an 18 page companion eBook as a guide on how each exercise should be performed.

Once you access the members only page, you’ll be able to open the Total Body Kettlebell Sequence eBook Companion.

In the eBook, you’ll also find recommendations on repetitions, technique, advancing through the workout, and fueling your body afterward.

This Is An Advanced Workout

  • Intense – Sequencing advanced kettlebell complexes requires some proficiency in your kettlebell training.
  • Dynamic – Maintaining proper form while sequencing the exercises will demand coordination.
  • Effective – Every part of your body will be utilized in this workout.
  • Extreme – If you can push through to the end, you are definitely extreme!
  • Brutal – Choose a weight that challenges you, and your body will be begging for the end of the sequence.
  • Strength – Big powerful movements such as pressing, lunging, and squatting will develop powerful core strength.
  • Cardio – No aspect of training is left untouched. This efficient workout will increase your heart rate, so that you can combine resistance training and cardio in one workout!

How to Get the Workout

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