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TRX Upper Body

TRX Upper Body Workout

https://youtu.be/YZoahQD9FTM Difficulty: All LevelsVideo Time: 34:34This video is an all level TRX Upper Body workout. In my TRX Upper Body Workout, you go right at your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, and core. Additional Benefits of my TRX Upper Body Class I’ve taught thousands of group fitness classes that incorporate the use of the TRX …

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Yoga: TRX Half Moon

The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment, so it would only make sense for me to combine it with my favorite form of exercise – yoga. https://youtu.be/WtlEhlvjGSU Half Moon Half moon, or Ardha Chandrasana is one of my favorite yoga poses. It requires intense focus, core muscle control, and …

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TRX yoga fusion workout video

TRX Yoga Fusion Workout

It’s no secret that I’m really into TRX and yoga. I have a Suspension Trainer stretch and cool down routine that has elements of TRX yoga, so you can imagine my fascination when I recently discovered a series of YouTube videos that combine TRX and vinyasa yoga. The videos are created by Jenine McGann, owner …

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