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Bodyweight: Push Up

https://youtu.be/DCJoI93dyHU For more exercises like the push up, check out my Bodyweight Exercises page! Works Chest Shoulders Triceps Core The Push Up One of the very best bodyweight exercises is the push up. It is a fundamental exercise that is generally one of the first exercises that anyone learns. It’s highly effective in building upper body strength, …

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Kettlebell Russian Twist

Kettlebell Moves: Kettlebell Russian Twist

https://youtu.be/8fvvwq9npAQ If you like working your abs with the Russian twist, and want even more kettlebell exercises to work your core, then check out my Kettlebell Moves page for a lot more exercises! Works Abdominals Biceps Shoulders Lower Back Forearms Russian Twist I love doing the Russian kettlebell twist for abdominal work. The Russian twist allows you …

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Double Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Moves: Double Snatch – Outside Knees

https://youtu.be/tgU6lwiipH0 Once you’ve mastered the basic kettlebell snatch (and please do so before moving on to the double snatch), let’s take it up a notch and do a double snatch. Works Hamstrings Calves Butt Back (all of it) Shoulders Triceps Forearms Grip One of the great things about working out with kettlebells is that they take some …

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