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You've just landed on a website that's here to help you get fit, tone up, lose weight, and live an active lifestyle!

This site has been going strong since 2011, so I've created this area to get you started with some of my best articles about: Losing Weight, Kettlebell Training, Workout Motivation, and Getting Fit.

I imagine that you're here because you're looking for a site that gets specific about fitness. There's a lot of information out there that is really general, and doesn't show you how to progress from where you are now, to where you want to be.

I'm not a faceless corporation that's here to BS you! I'm a personal trainer, and a yoga teacher. This website is a passion of mine, and I'm committed to making this a valuable resource to you on your fitness journey.

First, get to know me!

Training clients for me is a 2-way relationship. My knowledge and experience is not enough to make this work for both of us. It helps if you know a little more about me.

I've struggled with body image, a career change, and pushed with dogged determination to make a better life for myself while doing something that is meaningful to me.

I get that change is not easy, and that everyone has a unique struggle to work through. Here are a few articles that explain how I came to be me, JohnnyFit.

  1. My 5-Year Plan - When I was unhappy with my career and life, I knew that positive change would not happen overnight. I made a choice to play the "long game", and set out on a path that would change me forever.
  2. Consistency and Honest Feedback - Achieving your goals requires a clear path on how to get there, and consistency in following that path. Along the way, you analyze your successes and failures, and make adjustments accordingly.
  3. An Active Lifestyle -  Getting in shape usually starts with aesthetics. I get it. We all want to look good. Even more important to me is enjoying this wonderful life in a strong body. Life is amazing when you get outside and experience what you've been training for.

Next, explore the top 4 reasons that most people seek out my advice and services.

Most of my clients come to me when they're ready for a more specialized and professional trainer. If I had to list the top 4 things that people need my assistance with, it would be: Losing Weight, Training With Kettlebells, Finding Motivation, and Feeling Strong and Confident in their bodies.

I've created a section on each of these things below along with additional articles that pertain to each one.

Lose Weight

Lose Weight
  • Eat Whole Foods
  • Pay Attention To Macronutrients
  • Be Consistent!

Eating right is often the hardest part of making changes related to your fitness. If you do not have good nutrition it's like taking 1 step forward, and 2 steps back.

I've got a practical approach to making the changes that you need. See what I've got to say about nutrition.

Learn Kettlebells

Learn Kettlebells
  • Exercise Safely
  • Kettlebell Exercises
  • Combine Strength and Cardio

I've been training with kettlebells for over 8 years. Workouts don't need to be incredibly long for you to get both strength training and cardio.

My understanding of anatomy and alignment as a yoga teacher has allowed me to develop a method of instruction that is clear and concise.

Be Motivated

Be Motivated
  • Define Your Goals
  • Create A Roadmap
  • Visualize The Outcome

It's a lot easier to get from Point A to Point B, when you know where Point B is.

You'll want to clearly define your goals. A vague statements such as "I want to lose weight", doesn't provide you with a roadmap of what to do next, or provide a metric to measure your success against.

Get Fit

Get Fit
  • Take Action
  • Appreciate The Journey
  • Make Lasting Changes

When we invest our efforts consistently towards an outcome, the possibility starts to become a reality. Being fit ceases to be something you wish for, and becomes who you are.

I guarantee that life is more enriched when you can travel through it in a strong body. It's not just about looks. It's about living the best life that you can.

There's A Moment In Time When We Stop Thinking About Getting In Shape And Actually Start Doing It.

Is Your Moment Now?

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