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Wear Prana For 7 Days Survival Guide

One of the best things about being a yoga teacher and fitness professional is the ability to wear relaxed, comfortable clothing whenever I want. I’ve done the polo shirt and khaki pants cubicle life. I’d much rather wear Prana and other activewear every day.

When Prana reached out to me with an offer to write about my day-to-day life for a week in Prana clothes, it was easy to say yes. I almost always wear Prana anyway. Seriously, it’s a rare occurrence when I’m not wearing some type of short, pant, t-shirt, or hoodie made by them.

wear prana

Wear Prana

My favorite are the Stretch Zion Pants because of their versatility. I wear them everywhere, as they perform as both casual and activewear. The comfort and relaxed feeling in these pants are unsurpassed by any other pants I have tried. You’ll find me wearing them around Portland, and in my collection of workout and yoga videos on JohnnyFit Online!

Johnny’s Prana Pant Collection

I’m not kidding when I say that it’s easy for me to wear Prana every day for a week. Here’s a list of my Prana pant and short collection.

  • Stretch Zion Pant: Charcoal, Mud, Cargo Green, and Dark Khaki
  • Stretch Zion Short: Charcoal, Mud, and Cargo Green
  • Menace Knicker: Charcoal
  • JD Knicker: Black
  • JD Short: Black (2 pair)
  • Logan Short: Black, and Mud

Day 1

More often than not, the key to survival is having the right gear and equipment. On this day, my Stretch Zion Shorts in dark khaki helped me to navigate through rows of tight hamstrings as I taught a Yoga Basics class at Sellwood Yoga in Portland, OR.

wear Prana

Day 2

Getting fresh air is important for a healthy immune system. On day 2 my Stretch Zion shorts and I traveled through Portland’s Irving Park in search of fresh air. Yeah, I wore these same shorts yesterday, but sometimes that’s how I roll…

wear Prana

Day 3

I’m preparing for a camping trip and grocery shopping in my charcoal Stretch Zion Pants. Which bottle of saké should I choose for campfire sipping? Survival tip: If you drink enough saké, you might be loud enough to scare bears away!

Shopping in Prana

Day 4

I’m on a road trip to Crater Lake. It’s my absolute favorite place in the world. However, surviving a road trip requires that you keep your energy up. Here, I’m waiting for my milk shake in Prana Menace Knickers at Stewart’s 58 Drive-In Restaurant, in Oakridge, Oregon.

Travel in Prana

Day 5

Prana’s motto is “Breath, life, vitality of the spirit.” These things resonate with me as I catch my breath after hiking to an amazing view. Communing with nature is essential for us to gain perspective on our lives, and realize that we are a part of something larger than ourselves.

Hiking in Prana

Day 6

The world is a big place, but the karma we spread through our actions is bigger, and has far-reaching consequences. I equate the feelings of empathy, compassion, and connectedness that I feel at the end of a yoga class to the same feeling that I get when I witness a scenery that is breathtakingly beautiful. In these instances, prana flows unobstructed, and we feel alive in our bodies, calm in our minds, and peace in our hearts.

Crater Lake In Prana

Day 7

Another great thing about being a yoga teacher is that I often have time in the middle of the day to run errands during business hours, or to simply take care of myself. In the Pacific Northwest it’s important to ensure that you get enough vitamin D. Now back in Portland, it’s time to expose myself to the sun, yet keep enough hidden behind my Stretch Zion Shorts.

Sunshine in Prana

We have a special relationship with this planet that we call home. There’s a feeling of intimacy with Earth that we feel when we get out and explore its wonders. Once that connection is made, the responsibility we have for this planet becomes clear. Preserving this beauty for all of us here, and all of us yet to come is paramount. The choices we make as consumers do make a difference. We should strive to give more to this world, than we take from it.

Find out more about this amazing brand that I wear every day here: Mindfully designed, built to last products – born from the experience.

Nature in Prana

Yoga, Travel, & Adventure Clothes With A Conscience

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