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Product Review of MP45 Workout

Getting a rock solid physique begins and ends with intensity. Activating your fast twitch muscle fibers and going as intense as possible during your workouts are what provides your body the stimulus that responds with significant adaptations. Looking lean is all about body fat percentage and changes to your metabolism that will give you the results you are looking for. Nothing is better at ramping up the metabolism than elevating your levels of natural human growth hormone and testosterone, in addition to adding muscle. Your hormones will increase with intensity and by reaching true failure. Each one extra pound of muscle burns an additional 50 calories a day (even while you are on the couch). Research suggests that in order to gain muscular size and strength you have to overload your muscle by pushing it beyond its present capacity. The MP45 Workout Program focuses on H.I.S.T. (High Intensity Stimulation Training), a new method of training that provides the best potential to grow lean muscle mass while making serious strength gains.

Review of MP45


H.I.S.T. is all about going to failure. Failure does not occur when you put 225 pounds on the bench press, lift it for 9 times, and because you can’t get it up for the 10th rep, you stop. That isn’t true failure. Think logically…couldn’t you perform 210 pounds for 1 more rep? What about 200 pounds for another? And then 180 pounds for 2 additional reps? And so forth…

The answer is yes. Your muscle technically has not reached absolute failure when failing to complete rep 9. You can continue lifting with less weight. Theoretically, failure means that you have worked your muscle so hard that you couldn’t lift one more pound off your chest for one more rep. Do you get my point? The way you train should be based off this principle. You need to train to the point where your muscle is totally exhausted with heavy enough weights to produce a stimulus by the central nervous system. MP45 provides all the necessary intensity sets to truly achieve this type of failure by implementing the proper techniques.

Training Philosophy

The philosophy is predicated on a type of training that relies on the fast twitch muscle fibers. These fibers are significantly larger in size, so therefore, they require more energy to fire and more energy for reparation. That means your body will be leaner as a result. Not only do you get larger muscles, but also your body burns more calories from fat for maintenance. This means your body fat percentage will drop. Have you ever looked at a sprinter compared to a marathon runner? The sprinter certainly has the most appealing physique. What makes them different? It’s the idea of intensity and activating the fast twitch muscle fibers that provides the difference in results. This is why MP45 is such a valuable program. It focuses on the concept of intensity so you can produce hypertrophy, gain strength, and continuously burn fat from sustenance of the increased muscle mass.

The body you desire can be achieved in just six and a half weeks, once you implement the proper routine consisting of intense weightlifting, intense sprints, and the proper diet that fuel you for energy and allows for recovery. The MP45 routine is a 45-day routine that spells out exactly what exercises, sets, and reps to do in the gym. After six and a half weeks, you will see incredible changes, as evident by the thousands of positive testimonials the program has received. Not only do you get the full 45-day routine (exercise by exercise and meal by meal), but you also get a training book and nutritional book that explains the science behind what you are doing and how to make the most from your routine. If you are intense enough to try the program you should give it a shot, because there hasn’t been another program on the Internet that has given quite the results that MP45 has.

Check out David, a real-life MP45 success story. Watch the video to see why the MP45 Program is truly the best program out there!

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  1. Thanks for sharing David’s story!

    It’s nice to see reviews from “normal” people and not ex-athletes that have a propensity towards athleticism and fitness. I recently started the MP45 program so reviews like this are incredibly helpful. To help get more “joe schmo” reviews out in the world, I’m tracking my progress at http://mymp45review.com if any one that stumbles on this page wants more examples of what a non-athlete’s progress looks like.


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