Product Review: Gymboss Max

Interval timers are an important tool in anyone’s fitness arsenal. I use a timer almost every day in my own training, in my bootcamps, and with my personal training clients. Last week I purchased another one to add to my collection, so here is my review of the Gymboss Max.

Gymboss Max interval timer

Two weeks ago I was running a group workout, and had to pause for a moment while I changed the interval time on my original Gymboss. It didn’t really take that long (less than 30 seconds), yet I found it to be an unnecessary distraction to the kick ass workout that I was delivering. I knew that the Gymboss Max had the ability to store multiple intervals, so I finally decided to order one.

Gymboss Max Features

  • Up to 25 different intervals
  • Repeat groups up to 99 times
  • Save up to 15 programs
  • LCD Backlit screen
  • Alarm by beep, vibration or both
  • Alarm duration of 1, 2, 5, 9 seconds
  • Stopwatch function
  • Belt clip
  • Water and shock resistant
  • 1 year warranty

While several of the features here are also found on the original Gymboss, the inclusion of some additional features makes the Gymboss Max far superior to the original.

Save up to 15 programs

The original Gymboss only has the ability to store 1 interval. This feature alone is worth the $10 more for the Gymboss Max. I like to have a lot of different sequences in my workouts. From the warm up to the different exercises involved, I have variable work-rest intervals. It’s super convenient to have these already programmed into my timer so that I don’t have to take the time to switch them up.

Up to 25 different intervals

Another great feature of the Gymboss Max is the ability to have complex intervals. This feature allows you to have up to 25 different intervals that run successive to each other without the need to change through different presets.

Alarm by beep, vibration or both

The one thing about both versions of the Gymboss that I think is lacking is the volume of the beep. If you’re in a really big room, or there is a lot of noise, the beeps can be hard to hear. The Gymboss Max includes vibration so that even when you can’t hear the Gymboss, you’ll be able to feel it. The vibration quality is really strong. It’s at least as strong of a vibration as the vibrate on any cell phone that I’ve experienced.

LCD Backlit screen

The backlit screen is a nice bonus, but this isn’t a make or break feature. I wouldn’t buy the thing just because it has a backlight.

All of the other listed features are also included in the original Gymboss.

Overall Satisfaction

I’ve used the original Gymboss for a long time and consider it an essential piece of exercise equipment. I use it often and always have it in my gym bag. I should have gotten the Gymboss Max a long time ago; for the extra features, it’s definitely worth the few extra dollars. I guess I was just being cheap when I ordered the original, but I’m glad that I finally corrected that.

If you go to the Gymboss website you might have a hard time finding the Gymboss Max advertised. For some reason, it doesn’t appear anywhere until you click on the “Buy Now” button. Then you’ll have a choice to choose between the original or the Max. I guess it’s some sort of marketing thing, but I’m not certain why the Gymboss Max is not featured more prominently on their website.

Other Interval Timers

I do use other types of timers as well, so I think a few are also worth mentioning in this article.

Phone App Interval Timers

I’ve downloaded and used a number of free apps for my Android that have worked really well. I particularly like one called HIIT Interval Training Timer. It’s a solid little app that does what it’s supposed to do.

The only problem with using phone app interval timers is that they aren’t always reliable and sometimes crash when you’re running several apps at once. I usually have my phone hooked up to the sound system where I run bootcamps. Needless to say, my playlist, Pandora, or whatever I’m using to play music is a more important use for my phone than any other cranky app.

The Gymboss never crashes.

TITLE Professional Fight & Gym Timer

TITLE Professional Fight & Gym Timer

In my bootcamps, I’m fortunate enough to have the TITLE Professional Fight & Gym Timer. This is hands down an awesome timer. If you’re running a group workout in a facility, this thing shines! It’s kind of pricey though, and for most practical uses, it is probably overkill for using a timer at home.

Do you have a Gymboss or another timer that you use? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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