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Nutrition – The Missing Link To Online Fitness

Getting clients to change the way they approach nutrition has always been the biggest challenge I face as a personal trainer and health coach. The missing link is revealed when people discover an approach that works for them. Most of the time, people already know what they shouldn’t be eating, but seem powerless to make any changes. Especially, the kind of changes that will finally deliver the results that they want so badly!

Missing Link-of-Online-Fitness

Tell me if this sounds like you… “Look Johnny, I know that I shouldn’t drink wine every night but, …“, or “I know that I consume way too many carbs but, …“.

Many clients know what they need to do to tone up and lose weight, but they just refuse to.

In order to succeed as an online fitness coach, I’ve got to help my clients discover that missing link. The thing that not only clarifies what must be done, but also shows them that it’s possible.

In much the same way that some clients might feel frustrated by expecting results that their actions can’t deliver, I’ve sometimes felt frustrated by my approach to offering nutrition advice. It has not always fully served my clients. How do I not just speak at them about nutrition, but get them to take action themselves in order to make real and lasting changes?

The Missing Link

My Sugar Detox Party is the missing link that has changed all that!

Sugar Detox Party:

  • Gets my clients to think critically about what they’re eating,
  • Gets my clients to take action themselves to change their nutrition,
  • Removes guesswork and provides a step-by-step action plan to follow,
  • Delivers observable results in just 14 days.

Read about some of the success that my clients have been having with Sugar Detox Party.

Sugar Detox Testimonials


Set Up For Success

In my group fitness classes, I never try to make anyone feel as if they’re defeated. I want them to feel success for making the effort, and doing something towards their goals.

The Sugar Detox Party is in alignment with this approach. There are three levels of party, and you are welcome to slip in or out of any party, and not feel as if you haven’t been successful at the sugar detox. The goal is not to be perfect, but to just reduce your overall intake of sugar during a 2-week time period.

This keeps people from being discouraged in the program and quitting.

The results have been astounding! Of course I have to give some of the credit to my fiancée, Ali, who co-created the program. She is responsible for creating some and curating all of the great recipes that every participant can access and use to help reduce sugar from their diets.

Works With Many Diets Plans

These recipes work for most diet plans including:

  • Paleo
  • Vegetarian
  • Zone
  • Mediterranean
  • and Gluten Free.

Discover the missing link, and read about the details of this program and sign up for the next round that starts on December 7th.

Sugar Detox Party

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