A Traditional Protein Shake To Build Muscle

There are hundreds of recipes for protein shakes. Doing a simple Google search will present you with an infinite list of possibilities, with most of them talking about which protein powder is better for you.

Finding new recipes such as the Vanilla Latte Protein Shake, is fun; however, a few recent questions that I’ve received from personal training clients has made me aware that most people probably just want a little information on how to add more protein into their nutrition plan, with something that is simple and easy.

This makes a lot of sense because most of the time, I usually just have my protein shake made with only protein powder and milk. Pulling out the blender, keeping track of different ingredients, and creating a mess when all I wanted was a simple snack is not my style.

Milk the Cow

3 Simple Ways to Have a Protein Shake

1. Protein powder and water – The most basic way to a have a protein shake would be to simply add water. This way would be best if you want to lose weight, as there are fewer calories involved, or if you don’t have any milk, hate milk, are lactose intolerant, or don’t have a milk substitute.

2. Protein powder and milk – Milk makes a protein shake more flavorful. If I were you, I would stick to the non-fat, or 1% varieties. Additionally, you can use other non-dairy types of milk. I personally use almond milk quite often. It’s more expensive than regular milk, but it tastes great.

3. Protein powder and a combination of milk or water – Sometimes I combine my protein powder with a 50/50 mixture of milk and almond milk. I do this because I like the taste of almond milk, but because it is more expensive than milk, I can (pardon the pun) milk out the length of time that a carton lasts by mixing it with milk. Additionally, you can mix milk with water for any number of reasons such as: reducing total calories, and making the milk and almond milk last a little longer.

Should you have a protein shake after workout or pre workout?

We all know that a protein shake is a good, healthy snack to have during the day. However, there’s another question that gets asked a lot about protein drinks. Is it better to have protein before or after the workout?

It’s good before and after a workout. It’s not really a good idea to do an intense workout without being properly fueled. With that said, I feel that after the workout is a better time to have your protein shake because the muscles are really broken down at that point, and they are ready to receive proteins and nutrients to start the rebuilding process (grow).

Anyway, what’s your favorite way to have a protein shake? Do you prefer simple, or do you like to take the time to make something from a recipe?

4 thoughts on “A Traditional Protein Shake To Build Muscle”

  1. I like your post I just want to add a few information about Almond milk. You see Almond milk nutrition is a good way to stay fit and trim. Another advantage is it has selenium that is essential to prevent cell or tissue damage. Selenium is note to help in the reproductive functions of the body as well as in our metabolism. It’s truly a good day to have a glass of milk that’s certainly nonfat and still ostentatiously delicious and healthy to boot.

  2. Lately my go to post workout protein shake has been:

    1 cup Almond Milk
    1 scoop Whey Protein
    1/2 cup uncooked oats
    1 tbsp flax
    1 tbsp MCT oil
    1 huge handful Baby Spinach
    1 handful mixed frozen berries

    It tastes great and is loaded with nutrition. I also count this as a meal.

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