Your Health Your World

As the first “official” blog post for my website, I’m going to explore a phrase that has become, in my mind, a sort of sub-title for the site. The phrase Your Health Your World means to have the health and fitness to explore all of the great and wonderful opportunities that present themselves in this world of ours.

Your Health Your World

I feel fortunate every day for my health and constantly work on improving it. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines of my life and let any adventure pass me by. I feel most alive when I have the opportunity to hike trails in beautiful locations, play sports and be active, and to have the energy for whatever challenge or exciting adventure presents itself to me!

Variety is the spice of life and it is also the key to maintaining a fitness program. Just as I would never hike the same trails over and over again (although many are definitely worth several repeats), I would never continually do the same workouts over and over again. First of all, your body gets used to the movements and you cease to reap the same benefits over time. Second, repeating the same things over and over is BORING and we’re talking about embracing life here!

My current fitness routines include:

  • Weight Training – I mainly use dumbbells to obtain a full body workout. They are convenient to keep around the house and don’t require that I always find a gym to develop and build muscle.
  • Kettlebells – Really the most efficient workout I know. No other workout gives you such a resistance workout and a cardio workout at the same time.
  • Cardiovascular – Most of my cardio work comes from calisthenic-style movements designed to elevate my heart rate in bursts. I use HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training to do this as I’m not much of a runner.
  • Yoga – Helps me recover from intense training, strengthens my areas of weakness and leaves me feeling calm and more relaxed.

JohnnyFit in Crescent City, CAMy nutrition plan is sort of a mix between the Zone diet and the South Beach diet. I have been eating this way for several years and it works for me by fueling my body for intense workouts and maintaining a low body fat percentage. I’ll cover this more thoroughly in later articles but to sum it up: I eat a high protein diet and maintain daily ratios of 40% carbs, 30% proteins, and 30% fats.

All of this combined has led me to a point in my life where I generally feel satisfied and happy and I DO attribute these feelings to my physical fitness and eating habits.

Aside from feeling fantastic, being fit allows me to explore my world with energy and vigor! There is no avoidance of activity because of physical limitations and this, to me, is what I enjoy about life. This is what contributes to happiness and well-being! has been created as a resource of exploring the various ways that I work on my health and fitness. It is my hope that others find interest or even share my workout methods, eating habits, and physical activities and contribute to the information found on this website. I’m looking forward to watching these archives grow as they inspire others to appreciate and improve their health and their world!

What about you? What keeps you actively engaged in your health and your world?

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