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Wow, I Really Regret That Workout

Said no one…ever!

Wow, I Really Regret That Workout

What makes these motivational memes resonate with people? Quite honestly, it’s probably their profound truthfulness.

Every Monday evening I run bootcamps at Fulcrum Fitness in Portland, Oregon. Every Monday, members of the gym come in at the start of their week, their energy seems a little low, they are usually a little more quiet than on other nights, and I always try to bring my energy to the group to help liven them up.

As the hour progresses, their begrudging responses to my questions, jokes, and enthusiasm slowly becomes more authentically genuine.

Most of the time at the end of the hour, I even have smiles on faces and receive a jovial “see you next time!”

Sure there’s a chemical process that has occurred within the body that elevates people’s mood post workout. My unwillingness to deter from my quest to brighten up their day played some part. Ultimately, those bootcampers leave happier because they didn’t bow to all of the excuses that cross each of our minds when we consider skipping a workout after a long day.

They showed up, they put in the effort, and they got the job done. There is not a single one of them who has been coming for several months and not seen results. They know that if they keep showing up and working hard, they will continue to get results or maintain the progress that they’ve already earned.

You Won’t Regret That Workout!

As we’re heading into the home stretch here at the end of the year, I know that there are a lot of responsibilities pulling you in every direction.

If you’re feeling:

  • stressed,
  • run down,
  • anxiety,
  • rushed,
  • and more stressed,

then I promise you that an hour of sweating is just what you need. Well, that and a little sleep!

Anyway, my point is that you need to take care of yourself. Your mind and body work together. Spend a little time and take care of yourself; your capacity to take care of others will increase. Make the time, get it done, and hang in there. You won’t regret that workout!

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