Finding Your Edge: Vulnerability

Personal development and growth in both physical and mental manifestations comes from exploring your own weaknesses, your own vulnerability!

The word vulnerability is not often associated with strength. However, your greatest strengths have resulted from times when you were vulnerable.

Vulnerability occurs when you place yourself outside your comfort zone. Do you remember your first days of high school or college? Those initial feelings of anxiety arose exactly because you were out of your element. How about your first girlfriend or boyfriend and your first kiss? How about your first yoga class or maybe even your most recent yoga class? This situation plays itself out countless times in your life, and if you are seeking any kind of personal growth will continue to do so.


When we push ourselves to our limits and place ourselves in uncomfortable situations, we become better from the experience.

I’ve had many yoga teachers tell me to find my edge. This is how your practice develops. You find your edge and hang out there for a bit. See what you learn about yourself and discover that the next time you go there, your edge is a little but further than before.

When I’m training someone I will push them to their physical limit. Get that extra rep, increase your resistance 5 more pounds!

The place where your edge is, no matter the activity, is where transformation happens, and you will never be the same after getting there. You’ll find that you become stronger, more flexible, smarter, faster, or more experienced. The growth that you experience is both inside and out.

Where am I in this journey? Well, I’m wrapping up my first week of This is my first website. I’ve never written professionally before. My goal is to make this website into a fun, entertaining, and popular web destination for others interested in fitness. I don’t have an audience yet and heck, if you’re reading this, know that I’m grateful that you’re here!!

This entire endeavor is a learning process for me. From coding, designing, Photoshop, and writing, I’ve had to push myself beyond what I’ve ever done. Will this website grow? I don’t know, but I’m happy with the process.

I’m finding my edge!

Finding Your Edge


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