The Half Hour Lunch Hour Workout

Your 30 Minute Workout!

A short and intense workout to squeeze into your busy day!

  • All you need is one kettlebell or weight, and your bodyweight.
  • You will sweat!
  • You will burn calories!

Lunch Hour Workout

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Lisa R.

I just wanted to say “thanks” for posting your last 30 minute workout. I travel a lot for work. This morning, I went down to the hotel gym but it was full!

I came back to my room and checked my email, and there was a video from you so I worked out in my room and I am sweating!

I would love to see an entire selection of online workout videos in varying lengths that need little or no equipment. Perfect for travel and great workouts on the go! Thank you again”

Lisa R.

I teach short intense workouts for different corporate clients. These workouts usually take place around the lunch hour. Thus, The Half Hour Lunch Hour Workout was born.

The format of this class follows the same general format that I teach to those clients.

Work hard, get in, and get it done!


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