Video: Kettlebell Clean Tip

Today’s video, Kettlebell Clean Tip 1, is brought to you by MBody Strength.

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Good Kettlebell Form

The kettlebell is of course, one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment. Learning how to handle it correctly takes skill and practice, which is perhaps why it is so enjoyable. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, right?

When first getting the hang of it, you might end up with bruises and scrapes from the kettlebell banging up against you. Here, Marcus from MBody provides some good pointers to prevent bruising, while performing the kettlebell clean.

Kettlebell exercises are powerful, dynamic movements. When these movements are performed right, you will notice improved mobility, increased strength, fat loss, and improved cardiovascular fitness.

kettlebell clean

The movements must be done properly. There are so many ways to incorrectly do an exercise. No matter where you are in your kettlebell training there are always ways to improve.

Kettlebell Clean Tip

Executing kettlebell exercises takes a lot of concentration. For most exercises, in addition to Marcus’ pointers, also consider positioning your feet shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulder width apart; putting your weight on your heels; keeping your shoulders back and down and chest up; maintaining a tall spine and neutral head position; look at a focal point on the floor six feet in front of you; pinch your glutes, tighten your thighs and abs, pull up your kneecaps; and make sure the only thing in the area immediately surrounding you is the kettlebell you’re using in your routine.

Let me know if you have any questions about this video, or have a great clip you’d like me to add to this video series!

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