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Master the Turkish Get Up: Kettleplex TGU Preview

The Turkish Get Up is known as one of the most challenging kettlebell exercises. My new class, Kettleplex TGU, breaks down this exercise in a unique and fun workout class format.

Kettleplex TGU is one of 30+ other workouts found on JohnnyFit Online.

The Turkish Get Up

In this online kettlebell class, you will first learn the Turkish Get Up by breaking it down into several exercises:

  • Overhead Lunge – In the overhead lunge you will work on core engagement, balance, and shoulder mobility and stability.
  • Kneeling Windmill – In the kneeling windmill you will work on hip mobility, coordination, and strengthen the obliques.
  • Half Get Up – In the half get up you will work on core strengthening, glute strength, and stabilizing the shoulder girdle.

After working on each of these exercises independently, you will put them all together in my unique approach to mastering the Turkish Get Up.

I’m extremely proud of the online classes that I’ve created so far. You will find Kettleplex TGU among my other kettlebell workouts:

  • 2-1-3 – In 2-1-3 you’ll get a taste for combining several exercises together into what we’ll call a “Complex”. You’ll also get a short and intense workout suitable for multiple levels.
  • Satellite – Satellite gets its name from the way you’ll move the kettlebell around all parts of the body. Warm up with foundational movements, then blast off.
  • Grind – This sequence is aptly named because you will need to grind through with determination to make it to the finish. Can you keep up without pausing the video?
  • Double Complex – In Double Complex we’ll combine two kettlebells into advanced combination movements called a kettlebell complex. This is an advanced workout with two kettlebells.

Turkish Get Up

What Does the Turkish Get Up Work?

The short answer is everything!

The long answer is: Back, Shoulders, Arms, Core, Legs, Quadriceps, Calves, Glutes, Triceps, Hamstrings, Forearms, and Grip.

What Level of Workout Is This?

Kettleplex TGU is an intermediate to advanced workout.

In the video, I break this exercise down pretty thoroughly, however, the Turkish Get Up does require a degree of strength, coordination, and mobility. A beginner with minimal experience with kettlebells, or someone lacking in body development and mobility will find this workout to be extremely challenging.

How Can I Access Kettleplex TGU?

I’m glad you asked! Log into JohnnyFit Online today, and try out Kettleplex TGU, and plan your workouts for the rest of the week with some of the other classes found there. If you’ve never tried it before, then your first two weeks are free!

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