Kettlebell Moves: Lunge Clean-Circular Clean

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  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Core
  • Forearm
  • Biceps
  • Back
  • Shoulders

The kettlebell lunge clean-circular clean is an advanced kettlebell complex that combines the lunge clean, and the circular clean exercises. This exercise involves recruitment of nearly every muscle group. It’s recommended that you have well established core strength and coordination in order to stabilize the spine during weighted rotations and prevent unwanted contact with the kettlebell and lower extremities.

Lunge Clean-Circular Clean

  1. Set up in a lunge stance, with the forward knee behind the forward toes, and on the ball mound of the back foot.
  2. As with a regular kettlebell clean, internally rotate the arm that is holding the kettlebell so that the thumb is pointing back towards your body.
  3. To perform the clean, you’ll drive into the front leg, and simultaneously pivot on the back toes. Externally rotate the kettlebell holding arm and allow the kettlebell to wrap around the wrist and come to a stop in the rack position.
  4. At the top of the movement, the body should be centered with the legs out wider than shoulders width.
  5. Rotate your upper body 90 degrees towards the side you are holding the kettlebell. If you are holding the kettlebell in your right hand, your upper body will rotate right.
  6. Push the kettlebell away from you with just enough force to allow the arm holding the kettlebell to fully extend.
  7. As the kettlebell swings down, pivot on your feet and allow the kettlebell to upswing to the other side of your body, 180 degrees from where the swing started.
  8. As the kettlebell approaches the top of the swing, rotate the wrist and pull your elbow close to the body. The kettlebell should drop right back into the rack position.
  9. Internally rotate the forearm while you lower the kettlebell down beside the forward leg to finish in the same lunge stance that you started in.

Lunge Clean-Circular Clean


It’s really important to pivot on the toes of the back foot. You want the shin and the foot to turn together as a single unit. Planting the rear foot flat instead of pivoting on the toes can result in a torque the knee into an unnatural twist.

The upward momentum is derived from the forward quadriceps as opposed to the hips as in a regular clean.

Be very mindful of your knees!!!

Keep the head and chest up!

Keep a loose grip on the handle in order for it to move freely within the hand. This is the key in getting the kettlebell to wrap around the wrist instead of flipping over and banging into the forearm.

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