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Kettlebell Moves: Lateral Crunch

I’m a fan of working your abdominals in ways that don’t require you to do boring crunches. The kettlebell lateral crunch is a good example of this. After trying this exercise, check out my kettlebell moves page for a lot more kettlebell exercises!


  • Obliques
  • Forearms
  • Biceps
  • Core

Lateral Crunch

  1. Hold the kettlebell by the corners of the handle, and swing to a bottom up position in front of your sternum.
  2. Hold the kettlebell high enough so that your forearms begin parallel to the ground. Your elbows will be slightly extended out from your sides.
  3. Engage your midsection and tilt your upper body to one side beginning from the oblique area just above your hip.
  4. Move your extended elbow on the side that you are tilting towards your hip.
  5. Keep your upper body from the forearms on up in a rigid position.
  6. Tightly engage your abdominals as you bring the upper body back to an upright position.
  7. Repeat on your other side.

Try using this exercise as a “filler” exercise between more challenging moves, at the end of your workout when the abdominals and core are already fatigued, or as part of an entire sequence of abdominal and core exercises.

Kettlebell Lateral Crunch

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