Kettlebells: When To Get A Heavier Kettlebell

By now you’ve discovered the benefits of working out with kettlebells! You’ve purchased your first kettlebell or have been using a friend’s or one at your gym. You’ve probably had a trainer, a workout partner, or a good DVD to show you some moves and workouts. Maybe you even use this website as a resource.

You’ve also probably discovered that kettlebell training is hard! We’re talking harder than running sprints or spinning!

It’s a dynamic exercise that works your heart, your lungs, your core, and everything else! When you’re done with a kettlebell workout you feel like you just hiked to the top of a beautiful vista! You have endorphins running through your veins and you feel fantastically strong, yet well aware of the likelihood you’re going to sleep like a baby at night after that workout!

After getting the feel for it, you’re bound to reach a point where you feel like you may need to go up in weight.

How do you know when is the right time for a heavier kettlebell?

When should you get a heavier kettlebell - JohnnyFit
Poor Form!

Chances are, if this question enters your mind, then you’re probably ready!

If you can do more than 10 reps of any move, then you’re probably ready for a heavier kettlebell. If you can do 20 reps, then you’re definitely ready!

Of course, depending on the move or sequence, you’re going to be able to lift, press, or swing different weights. How do you choose the right one to move up to?

I’m sure there are many baselines that you could use to determine this, but one that I like to use for my own decisions is the one arm press. You know, the 2nd half of the move “Clean and Press“. If I can do 10 reps easily on this move, then I know that I need a heavier weight.

If you’re just now shopping for your first kettlebell and have found this article while trying to figure out the proper weight, then my suggestion is to grab whatever weight you have access to, whether dumbbell or kettlebell, and press it over your head. If you can do at least 5 reps, then that’s probably a good weight with which to start. If you can do 10 reps or more, then I suggest going up a weight.

Now if you’re just starting out and feeling a little timid about choosing a heavier weight, then know this: after a couple of weeks of consistent training, you’re going to definitely need a heavier weight to feel the same result. Just go ahead and invest in the proper weight now! I feel that it’s better to have something to work up to than to have a weight that’s too easy.

When to Get A Heavier Kettlebell - JohnnyFit

training gloves

3 tips to get more use out of a kettlebell

If a new kettlebell is not in your budget right away, here are 3 suggestions that you can use on a kettlebell that is becoming too light for you.

  1. Increase the speed with which you do the exercises. Don’t neglect form for speed gains! Kettlebells are an intense exercise and form should NEVER be compromised for speed or weight gain.
  2. Decrease the pauses and breaks that you take between each exercise.
  3. Move from a rep-based exercise to a time-based exercise. Trying to do a move for 1-2 minutes as opposed to 10-20 reps can feel like you’re doing a whole new workout, despite doing the same movement!

Those 3 things can get a substantial amount of additional life out of a kettlebell before moving up to a heavier weight.

Will working out with kettlebells make you bulky?

This is a question I often hear from women when they are considering a weight-lifting exercise or program.

Here’s my answer to that question. You can build both size and strength from kettlebells, but you’re going to have to use some heavy weight to get there! Trust me, if you’re in the 10-53 lb kettlebell range like most people, then you’re never going to be the next Arnold!

You will burn a lot of calories, shed a lot of fat, and develop a well-toned physique from kettlebell work. You’ll develop:

  • improved functional strength,
  • fantastic cardio fitness,
  • less body fat,
  • higher stamina,
  • and improved flexibility.

Kettlebell workouts are fun, and if you focus on getting the job done, you can do a lot more in less time than a conventional cardio or weight-training workout.

Now get out there and find the right kettlebell for you!

I’ll even suggest that you try Dragon Door Kettlebells. These are high quality kettlebells. The best thing about these kettlebells is the quality that you get for the price. They are competitively priced to other top brands. I’d even say that they are a bargain!

Oh, and one more thing: don’t get rid of the kettlebells that you’ve outgrown. I have a workout routine that utilizes lighter bells!

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