Kettlebell Moves: Thruster

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  • Legs
  • Glutes
  • Shoulders
  • Core
  • Triceps
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Kettlebell Thruster

I have a love/hate relationship with the thruster. I love it because it’s a small powerful move that works a whole lot of your body. I hate it because every time I do this move, it absolutely kicks my butt!

The kettlebell thruster involves multiple planes of movement, with full-body exertion. Expect a great challenge to your body’s muscles as well as a cardiovascular component to this exercise.



  1. Standing with feet at hips’ width apart and clean the kettlebell into position. Use your free hand for stability and balance. Keep your head up and your core tight. While holding the kettlebell in the rack position, squat down as low as you can, sticking your butt out as if there is a stool behind you.
  2. Stand up, press your legs straight, and in a fluid movement on the way up, press the bell overhead to a lockout position. Exhale during the press, and hold the lockout for a second.
  3. Lower the kettlebell back into the rack position while simultaneously lowering yourself back into the squat position.


  • Complete a number of reps on one side and then switch to the other.
  • Get as low as you can in the squat position while maintaining a flat back, and keep your heels rooted down.
  • Maintain a constant engagement of the core muscles.
  • Generate momentum from the hips, and allow that momentum to travel upwards with the kettlebell all the way up into the overhead position.

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