Kettlebell Moves: Squat Kick

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  • Legs
  • Glutes
  • Core

Squat Kick

The kettlebell squat kick is a non-complicated, yet extremely effective move for working the core, and shaping nice quadriceps and glutes. It forces you to work on balance, which is a critical component to all around general fitness.


  1. Stand with feet at hips’ width apart and using the clean to pull the kettlebell into rack position.
  2. Use your free hand for stability and balance. Keep your head up and your core tight.
  3. While holding the kettlebell in the rack position, squat down as low as you can, sticking your butt out as if there is a stool behind you.
  4. Stand up, pressing your legs straight, and in a fluid movement near the top of the stand, kick the leg opposite of the kettlebell out in front of you. For instance, if you are holding the kettlebell in rack position with the left hand, you would be kicking with your right leg.
  5. Make sure the glute of the standing leg is squeezed tight and keep your core engaged. The height of your kick will be affected by your flexibility.
  6. Due to the unilateral nature of this movement, your core should be engaged the entire time, fighting for balance and working to prevent leaning to the weighted side.
  7. As you bring the kicking leg back to the ground, fluidly move into the next repetition.


  • Complete a number of reps or work according to a set duration of time on one side, and then switch to the other.
  • Whenever you work on balance, pay attention to the focus of your eyes. If your eyes are all over the place, then your balance will be very shaky. Keep fixed on a non-moving visual point.

Kettlebell Squat Kick

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