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Kettlebell Moves: Lateral Swing

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You’ve mastered the 2-hand swing, and various 1-arm swings, and now you’re looking for a new swing exercise to add to your routine! The kettlebell lateral swing will fill that role nicely. This is an advanced kettlebell swing exercise that requires dexterity, control, and confidence. Your hips should be loose enough to pivot well, and you should be comfortable releasing the kettlebell into the air, and grabbing it with the opposing hand.

Lateral Swing

  1. Begin by holding the kettlebell in front of you and slowly gain momentum as you swing the kettlebell right to left, and left to right.
  2. Once you gain enough momentum that the swinging arm is abducting 45-90 degrees away from the body, begin to pivot on the back heel – the heel that is furthest away from the kettlebell.
  3. As the kettlebell swings down and up to the other side, pivot on the other heel, which is now the back heel.
  4. When you are ready to switch hands, release the kettlebell to the side of the body that you will be grabbing it with. For instance, if you are swinging the kettlebell with your left arm and you want to pass it to the right arm, then release the kettlebell while the left arm is crossing the body to the right side.
  5. When you’re ready to finish the exercise, let the kettlebell slowly decelerate until you are ready to set it down.


Maintain complete control over the kettlebell

Pay very close attention to where the knees are in comparison to the swinging kettlebell!

IMPORTANT: You must pivot on the toes of the back foot in order to prevent torquing the knee in an unhealthy and dangerous way! As you pivot from side to side, the back foot should stay in neutral alignment with the back shin.

Keep the spine nice and long, and keep the shoulders engaged.

Lateral Swing

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