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Kettlebell Halo Variation

Rock out this kettlebell halo variation, and then check out my Kettlebell Moves page for a lot more exercises!


  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Core

The halo is an excellent exercise to loosen up the shoulders and create additional shoulder mobility. I like to warm up in this manner with a lighter bell than I would use to work out with.

It’s extremely important to sufficiently warm up the shoulders before a kettlebell workout. The shoulders are really active in these workouts, so getting them nice and warm is crucial in preventing injury.

In addition to a warm-up exercise, you can also increase the weight and get some decent shoulder work. The nature of the movement works both the anterior and posterior areas of the deltoids (shoulder).

Kettlebell Halo Variation

  1. You can grip the kettlebell on the horns with bottom up, or you can palm the bell with your index finger and thumbs around the horns.
  2. Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  3. Begin the halo variation with the kettlebell in front of the chest, with relaxed shoulder blades. Make sure that you’re standing up nice and tall with your tailbone tucked, and abdominals locked and engaged. Be mindful of the abdominal engagement as you progress through this exercise.
  4. Move the bell in a circular direction, up and over one shoulder, passing by the ear, around the back of the head, and pass it by the other ear and over the other shoulder. You can perform a set of repetitions in one direction or alternate directions each time.


Exercise Tips

Make sure that you move the bell around the head. You don’t want to move the head front or back, or side to side, and move it around the bell.

If you are using a bell that is heavy for you, I would suggest alternating directions each time so that both sides become fatigued evenly.

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