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Kettlebell And TRX Thruster

Whenever I’m looking for an exercise to really challenge my bootcamps, the thruster always comes to mind. I don’t always want to include the same exercises over and over though, so it’s interesting to get the same movement patterns using different pieces of exercise equipment. The kettlebell thruster is one of my butt-kicking favorites, so I thought I would look into this movement using the kettlebell and TRX Suspension Trainer. Thus, the TRX Thruster.


  • Legs
  • Glutes
  • Shoulders
  • Core
  • Triceps

Read my full description of the kettlebell thruster.

Kettlebell and TRX

Kettlebells and TRX are currently two of the best ways to work out. The workouts are scalable for individuals just getting into fitness as well as for seasoned athletes looking for the next training edge.

With all kinds of different ways to work out, and people’s preferences for different exercise equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX Suspension Trainer, weight machines, and bodyweight, the one thing that all of these modes of exercise have in common is the range of motion that your body can perform.

You can work your muscles in the same way using two completely different types of workout equipment, and this keeps things interesting. You probably use the kettlebell and TRX, so understanding what is being incorporated into the exercise movements will help you to better program your own workouts. You’ll be able to plan for some rotation so that you don’t overtrain any specific region of the body in the exact same way.

Additionally, exercising the body in a similar way with different exercise equipment can introduce variety into your workouts and prevent boredom.

Have you experimented with using similar ranges of motion with different pieces of exercise equipment or have any thoughts about the kettlebell and TRX thruster? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Exercises with kettlebell and TRX Suspension Trainer

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