Video: How To Hold A Kettlebell Correctly

Today’s video, How to Hold a Kettlebell Correctly, is brought to you by Eric Cressey.

I get daily emails from people asking about beginning a kettlebell training program at home. With all the fancy kettlebell moves, and YouTube clips out there, it’s important to get people started on the right path safely. Additionally, bad habits develop over time, so it’s also important for veterans to occasionally re-evaluate their own technique.

As a rule, I suggest to everyone that they should seek at least one training session with a personal trainer familiar with kettlebell use prior to beginning their own program.

I know that many will just dive right in, so it’s my hope to at least provide you with some good and credible information to get you started.

Hold A Kettlebell

Hold a kettlebell

It’s important to begin at the most basic level of kettlebell training…holding it correctly.

This video, featured on Eric Cressey’s blog, covers the correct way to hold the kettlebell in the rack position. A lot of times I see people placing strain on the forearm by holding the kettlebell with their wrists cocked back, or with a really tight grip on the handle, which requires an unnecessary expenditure of energy.

Mastering this will set you up for the awesome results that are sure to follow with your kettlebell training!

Let me know if you have any questions about this video, or have a great clip you’d like me to add to this video series!

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