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Kettlebell Moves: Halo Rotation

Here’s another shoulder sculpting kettlebell halo exercise. Check it out, and then go to my Kettlebell Moves page for a TON of kettlebell exercises!


  • Shoulders
  • Biceps
  • Forearms
  • Core
  • Upper Back
  • Obliques

I’m back today with another variation of the halo. The halo rotation adds the extra benefit of working your oblique abdominals in addition to your shoulders, biceps, and forearms. The function of the oblique abdominals is for lateral bending in your torso, as well as rotational movement.

Kettlebell Halo Rotation

  1. Stand with your feet at shoulder’s width, or slightly wider.
  2. Hold the kettlebell bottoms up by the handles in front of your sternum.
  3. Lift the kettlebell over one shoulder – as you do so, rotate your entire upper body in the direction of that shoulder.
  4. Move the kettlebell all the way around the head. As the kettlebell moves directly behind your head your torso should rotate back to neutral position. As the kettlebell comes over your opposite shoulder, your upper body should rotate in that direction.
  5. Bring the kettlebell back to it’s starting location in front of the sternum to complete the halo rotation.
  6. Alternate directions for each repetition. If you take the kettlebell over the left shoulder first on one turn, take it over the right shoulder first on the next.
  7. Note that while the halo rotation starts with the kettlebell in a bottoms up position in front of the sternum, the kettlebell bottom faces downward when moved behind the head.


Exercise Tips

  • Don’t rest the kettlebell on your chest.
  • Twisting of your spine should begin at the very low abdomen. You’ll want to keep your low belly toned, and your pelvic floor engaged in order to activate the transverse abdominals, which will provide support to your lumbar spine.
  • Keep your shoulder blades drawn back in order to prevent your shoulders from slouching forward.

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