What is fitness and what does it mean to be fit?

What is fitness?

My own style of training focuses on “functional fitness”. This is a fitness industry buzz word that basically means the ability to do real-life activities. With all of the great and fantastic things to do in this world of ours, I want to to hike in beautiful locations, play games of pickup sports, run around a park like an energized kid, to pick things up and carry things with energy and passion.

I focus on all aspects of fitness so that I can live an active and eventful life.

  • Strength Training builds a foundation of muscle for your body to endure rigorous activity.
  • Cardiovascular Training improves the functioning of your heart and lungs and improves endurance.
  • Yoga improves flexibility as well as strength; it relieves tension and stress, calms your mind and balances all of your body’s systems.

Increasing physical fitness will reduce the risks of heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and other physical ailments. Being more fit can also help you to sleep better, handle stress better, and keep you mentally sharp.

what is fitness

What does it take to get fit?

That’s a question that 10 different sources might give you 10 different answers to. To be bluntly honest, there is no quick and easy way to be fit. There is no infomercial, machine, pill, or piece of advice that will change the fact that fitness is something you will need to work at constantly for as long as you are able to move.

I suggest at the very least, 3 days a week of vigorous activity and as many as 6. My definition of vigorous is pushing yourself to your limits for 30 minutes to an hour. My workouts are usually 45 minutes to an hour; sometimes I push a little longer.

These limits will not be the same for everyone and are dependent on current fitness level, age and abilities. Wherever you are at, your physical fitness cannot be maintained or improved if you do not push yourself. You must find your edge; the point where your exertion begins to become uncomfortable.

A good trainer, program, or activity will push you to this edge and slightly passed it.

We all have busy lives and many responsibilities but I promise that if you work on your physical fitness 3 to 6 days a week you will live a more rewarding life!

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