Ignite Fitness: FitBloggin13 Keynote

Over the weekend I attended FitBloggin13 in Portland, Oregon. The keynote event of the conference was an Ignite Fitness talk, and I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the speakers.

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What is an Ignite Fitness Talk?

During an Ignite Fitness talk, presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.

You have to be on target, and there’s little room for error. Fortunately, attendees are really supportive.

How I Was Selected to Give an Ignite Fitness Talk

I first heard of Ignite Fitness and FitBloggin when I came across a suggested blog in the now defunct Google Reader. I saw that there was going to be a fitness blogger conference in Portland, where I live, and thought to myself “why not?”

I just happened to be at a place in life where I was looking for opportunities to take everything that I’m doing to the next level, and I figured that speaking in front of a crowd at a convention fit that description. I recently opened my fitness studio, and had a desire to talk about creating opportunities for yourself.

Ignite Talks start by having potential presenters submit a “Spark”. An Ignite Spark is a short description of what you would talk about that you try to get your friends and social media circles to vote on by liking, sharing, etc.

Unfortunately, my spark didn’t get enough social media votes to be selected in the first round. However, the organizers of the talk selected a second round of applicants, of which I was one.

Who I Shared the Ignite Stage With:

All of the other presenters were bloggers just like me, somewhere on their path of fitness, and had something that they wanted to talk about. I was proud to meet these individuals and hear their stories. Check out their websites and be inspired on your own journey!

My Ignite Fitness Talk: Break Down Your Door

Before the talk I alternated between moments of calm and nervousness. I talk in front of people everyday while I train group workouts, and teach yoga. I was a political science major in college which required my fair share of presentations. Getting up in front of roughly 300 people to try to motivate and inspire them was another thing altogether.

I had one glass of liquid courage before the event started, and before I knew it, my turn was up!

Quite honestly, the whole thing went by in a blur. I tried to be present like I teach in yoga, but I can’t remember being able to focus on anything. I had no clue how I actually performed until I was able to watch the YouTube clip.

It turned out pretty good. I spoke clearly, and said everything that I wanted to. I felt that my talk could have been more polished. Five minutes go by pretty fast, and it’s hard to say everything that needs to be said in that time.

The experience was worth it though, and hell yes I’d do it again!

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  1. Excellent Johnny!! You did quite a stunning job, and your talk was very appreciative, its quite informative within that 5 minutes, and is reciprocated to every individual there.

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