FitBloggin13 is being held in Portland this weekend. This is my ongoing live blog and full write up of the event. FitBloggin is an annual blogger’s conference for those interested in health and fitness.

JohnnyFit at FitBloggin

The event is being held at The Nines, and is a weekend long series of workshops, talks, exercise, and networking.


It was only a couple of months ago that I asked everyone to vote for me so that I could talk at the Ignite Fitness Keynote Speaker event, and I can’t believe that it’s finally here. I have been insanely busy with my fitness studio, JohnnyFit Bootcamp & Yoga, and there has been a lot going on in my personal life as well. I feel a little under-prepared to say the least!

Thursday 6/27/13


My Keynote talk is tomorrow night (Friday), and I feel like I have a LOT of preparation still to do. Since I live in Portland, and didn’t need to travel for this event, I still have most of my day-to-day duties to attend to.

Today, I have to teach two yoga classes and a bootcamp class at my studio. Then, I have to find time in-between to practice my talk. I’m nervous and excited. It’s good to feel this nervous energy, to be outside of my comfort zone. I’ve come to crave this feeling. I feel truly alive when I don’t exactly know how “my script” is supposed to turn out!

After my final yoga class this evening, I will head on down to The Nines to attend the opening meet and greet.

I’ll update you soon!


I made it to the meet and greet after I finished teaching yoga at my studio. My first impression when looking around was “this is a fitness blogger convention?” It seems that most of the attendees are mommy bloggers, and people who are on a journey to be more fit. It will be interesting to see what the talks and workshops have in store.

On my way in, I received a swag bag from Reebok with all kinds of things from the various sponsors of FitBloggin13.

Friday 6/28/13


Just had lunch, received a free pair of Reebok Crossfit shoes, and met Lisa Johnson. Then, headed into my first discussion of the conference.

Crossfit Shoes

Discussion: Clean Eating – A general overview of eating more healthy. Not exactly geared towards me, but directed at people who need help eating better.

Hosted by: Valerie Kirkland of Live Fit Journey, and Nicole Navratil of Pepperoni Is Not a Vegetable.


Presentation: Get Down to Business Building Your Blog Through SEO – A basic discussion about building more traffic to your blog through search engine optimization and image optimization.

Hosted by: Nicole Bullock of Cute Culture Chick.


Discussion: Hosting a Successful Twitter Party/G+ Hangout – I really enjoyed this discussion. I’m really interested in doing more with Google Hangouts. The girls that hosted the talk were lively and spirited and seemed to really know what they were talking about. I would definitely want to tune into one of their G+ Hangouts and get the feel for how a successful one is performed.

Hosted by: Jamie Walker of Fit Approach.


Ignite Fitness Keynote Event – The big event for me was the Ignite Talk. I was one of the speakers of the event and would be delivering my talk about creating opportunity for yourself. Below is the entire playlist of all of the Ignite talks.

I wrote more detail about my talk experience in this post: Ignite Fitness – FitBloggin13 Keynote

All of the speakers were bloggers like me who are traveling along in their fitness journeys, and had something that they wanted to say. I was proud to share the stage with them, and hear all of their talks. It was a pretty nerve wracking experience for all of us, but I think that we rose to the occasion!

FitBloggin13 Speaker

Saturday 6/29/13

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend any of the morning workout sessions because I had classes to run at my own studio. I suppose that not taking time off work is the lone drawback of going to a conference in your own city.


Workshop: How to Create a Media Kit that Showcases Your Brand and Gets Companies Knocking on Your Door – I really enjoyed this workshop about creating a media kit.

I used to have more advertising on my site before I developed my cardio interval circuit video. Since then, I have removed a lot of the banner ads that I used to display. However, this talk gave me some good ideas on how to take this a little further.

I think that there are some brands out there that I would be a good fit for as an ambassador, and getting my media kit squared away will be a step in that direction.

Hosted by: Shannyn Allan of Frugal Beautiful, Annabel Adams of Feed Me I’m Cranky, and Erica House of Erica D


Workshop: How to Improve Your Blog Through SEO – This was a general overvue of best SEO practices such as having title tags, and meta data. I’m already doing everything that they suggested, so I guess I’m rock solid on the SEO front!

Hosted by: Brandi Koskie of Diets in Review.


GoodBye Reception Sponsored by Nutrilite – The final event of Saturday was a reception hosted by Nutrilite and some celebrity chef named Jason Roberts. Some nice gifts were given away, and there was a never ending supply of horderves floating around.

Honestly, I never watch TV, and I have never heard of Jason Roberts. He basically came out and gave a long infomercial type pitch hawking Nutrilite supplements. You know I’m not big on supplements, so I didn’t try any of the concoctions that were floating around and can’t speak to those.

I also received a dufflebag full of Amway’s Nutrilite system that I’m conflicted about. I don’t have much interest in trying it. I’m satisfied with my nutrition plan, and I certainly don’t want to give it to anyone and appear to endorse it.

After that, the reception evolved into a dance party. I’m not much for dancing, and I found myself dodging girls trying to get me to dance. I made for the exit and ended up having a great conversation to end the night with Suzanne from Workout Nirvana, and Tamara from Fitknit Chick.

Overall Revue of FitBloggin13

What I Enjoyed

I enjoyed FitBloggin13 for the most part. I did receive a free ticket for being a speaker, and I feel that I did some good networking. Portland is the perfect city for a conference. It’s easy to get around, and there are tons of things to do for those inclined to go explore. Attendees seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Everyone that I met was really nice, and I’m going to look forward to following some of these people on social media.

The convention was well organized and Roni Noone did a great job of putting all of this together.

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Most of the workshops and discussions that I attended seemed to be very low level, and I felt like I already knew much of what was discussed.

There was a TON of “health food” being distributed that I would consider crap! This was actually kind of appalling to me. Now, I understand that it costs a lot of money to put on an event like this, and getting sponsors is the best way to cover those expenses. However, there were a lot of people present who are struggling with their health and fitness, and everywhere you turned there was packaged and processed junk!

Marketing deception is rampant in the food industry, and anyone who reads the other nutrition articles on this site knows how I feel about processed foods. Call it healthy all you want, but that doesn’t make it so. Eat whole foods! You know, the stuff that has one ingredient, or at least ingredients that you can pronounce.

Stay away from stuff that comes in boxes and wrappers, and don’t eat that damn cookie and tell yourself that it’s healthy!

Dear Fitness Bloggers, don’t go to VooDoo Donuts!!! It’s a point of pride for me to say that I have lived in this city for 7 years, and have never once eaten a Voodoo donut.

Dear Fitness Bloggers, don’t go to VooDoo Donuts!!!

Will I go again?

I can’t say for certain. I did enjoy the people that I met, and I’m interested to see how those relationships develop between now and next year.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep on FitBloggin!

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