Breast Surgery Exercise – Recovery Time

A client of mine recently approached me with concerns about recovery time after breast surgery. She has worked very hard to obtain her fit girl look, and seemed uncomfortable about taking time off from her workouts during her breast augmentation recovery time.

Breast surgery

I looked into the matter a little further in order to provide her with the best information, and then I thought that I would put this information out there in case more of you have the same questions.

Breast Surgery Recovery

This is a general timeline that your doctor might provide for you depending on how conservative they are with recovery times.

Week 1 and 2 – NO EXERCISE

The main concern with exercise during this time frame besides the obvious of not using the pectoral muscles is that too much moisture around your incisions can effect their healing, and lead to unwanted scarring. Not worth risking it if you ask me.

Week 3 – Add Light Cardio

Walking is fine. Listen to your body to determine your pace, and avoid using the arms, chest, and back in your activities.

Week 4 – Add Lower Body Resistance

It might be fine to reintroduce dumbbell squats and lunges for the lower body, as well as lower abdominal core work. Avoid pulling or pushing exercises. You should do squats and lunges with the dumbbells just hanging at your sides.

It would also be OK to add isometric exercises for your biceps and triceps.

Week 5 – Listen to Your Body!

You’ll probably be fine to get back into the game at week 5. However, your doctor might recommend a conservative recovery time. Some doctors might suggest as much as 6 weeks. See how you feel at this point, and listen to your doctor and your body.

Your greatest concerns will be to prevent reopening of the incisions, infection, and scarring.

I’ll be here with my Kettlebell Moves to snap you back into shape in no time, and you’ll have some new curves to go with that rockin body! 😉

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