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Here are just a few of the workouts that you'll find within the free area of JohnnyFit Online!

Half Hour Workout

Half Hour Lunch Hour Workout

A short and intense workout to squeeze into your busy day!

ABS 200

ABS 200 - Abdominal Workout

Work the core, and work it hard! 200 Reps

Total Body Kettlebell Sequence

Total Body Kettlebell Sequence

An advanced, all out, total body, brutal assault!

Kettlebell Core Cardio

Kettlebell Core Cardio

Scorching cardio movements with a light kettlebell!

A nutrition plan that has worked for Johnny for over 8 years...

Johnny's Nutrition Guide

A Nutrition Plan That Works

Johnny's "Zone" based way of eating that follows a paleo(ish) approach.

A weekly workout program to follow...

Johnny's Nutrition Guide
Weekly Program

This Free Member Program works all areas of the body to develop strength, increase cardiovascular fitness, and improve flexibility.

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