Get Lean Infographic

The folks over at Precision Nutrition designed a great infographic that details the work required to achieve a lean body. This get lean infographic breaks down what it will take to achieve different levels of leanness.

As someone who’s been in the 6-9% range, I can vouch for the amount of commitment that it takes to get there, and the seriously cramping of your social life to stay there. I’m currently happy and comfortable in the 13-15% range, but planning on picking my game up in the new year like everyone else. I’ll find that 10-12% again.

If you need some assistance figuring out the right combination of nutrition and exercise, I’ve written at length about in these two posts:

Do you plan on getting more lean this coming year? Does any of the information in this get lean infographic surprise you? Comment at the end of the post!

Get Lean Infographic

get lean infographic

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