full yoga

I’ve Gone Full Yoga

For about two solid months now, I’ve been drifting towards yoga as my only form of exercise. It might be hard to fathom. After all, I’m freaking JohnnyFit! For years I’ve been a jack of all trades. Hundreds of thousands of people have visited this blog to find out about kettlebells, TRX, bootcamps, and all …

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TRX yoga fusion workout video

TRX Yoga Fusion Workout

It’s no secret that I’m really into TRX and yoga. I have a Suspension Trainer stretch and cool down routine that has elements of TRX yoga, so you can imagine my fascination when I recently discovered a series of YouTube videos that combine TRX and vinyasa yoga. The videos are created by Jenine McGann, owner …

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yoga video

Free Online Yoga Video

Readers of this website and the people I train often ask me about online yoga resources. While playing around on YouTube, I found this free online yoga video that is really great. It’s a complete power yoga workout that is 75 minutes long. I’ve watched the entire thing and definitely give it my stamp of …

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7 Chakras

Chakra Test

The seven major chakras are centers of energy in the human body. Each has a physical location and unique attributes. I thought it would be fun to provide you with some more information and background of the chakras, along with a chakra test to determine if your energies are in balance. Chakra Test I became interested …

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