Video: TRX Core Training Exercise – The Atomic Push-Up

Today’s video titled Atomic Push-up Tempo Challenge, is brought to you by TRX.

Core Training

The atomic push-up is a great core training exercise, and also works the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Use the suspension trainer to take your core training up a notch.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a fantastic piece of exercise equipment that easily allows anyone of any fitness level to make adjustments in order to do the exercise. Technically, the Suspension Trainer is a piece of exercise equipment, the exercises also fit into the category of bodyweight training since it’s your bodyweight that is being utilized in different angles from the anchor point to achieve phenomenal resistance for strength, core, and agility gains.

I train a lot of people on the TRX, and they are always surprised when first learning how to use it. It’s super easy to make adjustments to fit your ability, regardless of your age, fitness level, or experience with exercise.

If you run bootcamps, or train anyone with the Suspension Trainer, you’ll want to make sure that you go over how to get their feet into the cradles properly. Nothing brings a bootcamp class to a screeching halt as when your clients are struggling to get their feet into the cradles. A few minutes of extra instruction can make core training run a whole lot smoother.

Core Training

In this exercise video, the TRX Atomic Push-up Tempo Challenge incorporates the unforgiving tempo of a metronome to test your abilities. The cadence of the metronome should be roughly one click per second. Time your atomic push-up so you hit one of the four end positions at every click of the metronome. The challenge is to execute as many reps as you can while hitting each end position on the same tempo as the metronome.

Let me know if you appreciate this video, have experience with the TRX, or have a great clip you’d like me to add to this video series!

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