Video: Offset Arm Crunch on Stability Ball + Progressions

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Today’s video, Offset Arm Crunch on Stability Ball + Progressions with Jonathan Ross, is brought to you by ACE Fitness.

Stability balls are great for Pilates, yoga, and fitness exercises in the gym or at home. The soft rubber surface supports and cushions your body to help increase your flexibility while allowing you to isolate and target specific muscle groups. The ball is perfect for ab exercises, stability and balance workouts.

Using a stability ball is a great way to do core and abdominal exercises without doing crunches from the floor. A stability ball can also substitute for a bench when doing dumbbell chest and shoulder presses. They are also becoming popular as office chair substitutes to help people sit up taller and improve posture.

Swiss Ball

I like to throw stability ball ab exercises into my bootcamps when I want to give the class a break from the focus exercise of the set. They come in particularly handy with older clients who might experience back or tailbone discomfort from doing various crunching exercises on the floor. Additionally, I think that the various ways that you can turn and rotate your body around the stability ball, adds more versatility to different core crunches than the floor allows.

In this video, trainer Jonathan Ross shows how to get more out of your crunches on a stability ball by using your arms at the same time. This will activate more than just your main ab muscles.

Let me know if you appreciate this video, have experience with stability ball sit ups, or have a great clip you’d like me to add to this video series!

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