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How Do We Benefit From Bodyweight Exercises?

This is a contributed post about bodyweight exercise by Tim Moore with Daactive.com

Modern technology has made our lives easier but it has also made us lazy and more dependent on technology. We turn to our mobile phones for the simplest mathematical calculation. It is therefore important that we keep our bodies moving, otherwise we may fall victim to excess weight and associated diseases including diabetes, heart risk, and other preventable conditions.

Bodyweight Exercises

Exercises of all types help us keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bodyweight exercises are exercises done in line with nature, and do not require going to gym or a workout class (no equipment or machinery required). These exercises have no age limit; bodyweight exercise is for people of all ages.

Bodyweight exercise Vs. Gym

If you follow a workout routine and go to the gym regularly, the machines you use would be working on a certain muscle of your body while the other muscles still need working on. Swimming is only one such exercise that allows complete body rigor and tones the overall body. Another such bodyweight exercise is walking which also tones and strengthens body muscles.

Gym environment does not contain oxygen therefore you are restricted from inhaling fresh air. But in bodyweight exercises you can workout outside, get to breathe fresh air, and receive the ample oxygen that is essential for the proper pumping of the heart muscles, functioning of body organs, and for overall muscle growth.

Other bodyweight exercises can be performed with freedom at your home, office, or just about anywhere you feel comfortable. These may include push-ups, lunges, dips, squats, walking lunges, chin ups, planks, step ups, wall sits, and abdominal crunches. Now these exercises can be done anytime, anywhere, and you do not have to walk or drive to your gym.

Yoga exercise

Bodyweight exercises like yoga and meditation once again target mental health and physical goodness. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, these exercises are said to be in tune with nature.

Bodyweight exercise benefits

Bodyweight exercises aim to improve overall physical fitness along with mental liveliness. Diseases like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, backache, pains, stomach disorders, etc. are greatly cured and controlled with regular bodyweight exercises.

bodyweight workouts at home

Natural bodyweight exercises help build endurance, strength and flexibility simultaneously unlike the gym workouts, which focus on a specific muscle at a specific time.

With bodyweight exercises you can achieve maximum weight loss, and burn down those excess fats and calories in no time. Not only that, you will also have a fine-toned body when you do regular bodyweight exercises.

Safety is another beneficial factor to consider bodyweight exercises over gym routines. These exercises are much safer, and you hardly have the risk of an injury.

Bodyweight exercises work in line with our true nature; the true nature of men and the true nature of women, and it handles each separately. While men accentuate their features through bodyweight exercises, women accentuate their femininity. Men achieve their target of looking big and strong while women become strong, toned up, and at the same time sexy.

One major benefit of bodyweight exercises is that there are no major costs involved; you do not require costly memberships for gyms, or buy exercise equipment for that matter. You can simply exercise with yourself and in nature.


About the Author – Tim Moore is Chief Editor at www.Daactive.com – A yoga clothing website that provides Women’s Yoga Clothing and Fitness Active-Wear. That includes Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, Underwear and other Accessories.

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