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Video: How To Front Lever – Progressions

Today’s video, How To Front Lever – Progressions, is brought to you by Incite Fitness.

Front Lever Progressions

Front Lever Exercise Progressions

No doubt, pull-ups are really hard exercises. Some people are happy to pull off one or two. Many times, it takes a lot of practice to work up to a dozen pull-ups or more!

This video features an insane pull-up variation called a front lever. Now the video speaks for itself. It’s a straight forward explanation on how to build up to doing this incredibly hard exercise, except that this guy makes this look relatively easy. Don’t be fooled! If you really want to show of your fitness, then pull this one out of your bag of tricks and dare anyone else to do it as well.

Last week, myself and some of the other Fit Pros at Fulcrum Fitness were celebrating the grand opening event of our new location in Progress Ridge, Beaverton. Of course when you get trainers together we’re naturally going to gravitate towards the equipment and start busting out some exercises.

Although I was able to do the basic front lever, hinging at the shoulders, holding your body parallel to the floor was insanely challenging, and I was unable to do that.

Props to Incite Fitness guy for this incredible feat of core strength!

Can you pull off these various front lever exercise progressions? I’d love to hear about it, and even see a video of it. Feel free to post any to my Facebook page!

Let me know if you have any questions about this video, or have a great clip you’d like me to add to this video series!

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