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Bodyweight: Bodyweight Squats

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Bodyweight Squats

No fitness equipment? No problem! Bodyweight exercises are an amazing alternative to other popular workouts due to their effective approach in strengthening, shaping, and increasing lean muscle in your lower body. Bodyweight workouts are easily scalable for all fitness types and abilities.

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It’s a myth that you need all kinds of equipment to get into great shape. Your body provides all that you need. Yoga is a perfect example, but we can take it up a notch with more intensive movements. It’s also just a great way to mix things up. I almost always throw bodyweight exercises into my bootcamps, even when I have access to all kinds of equipment.

The bodyweight squat is a lower intensity version of the jump squat, and is suitable for anyone interested in high repetition toning, deconditioned individuals, as well as those with knee problems who cannot participate in higher impact activities like jumping.


  1. Stand with your feet at shoulder-width.
  2. Scoot the butt back as you squat down. The feet should be positioned so that the knees are able to track out directly over them as they bend.
  3. Feel free to use a chair for guidance on how deep you should go into the squat. Really deconditioned individuals can use a walking stick, another chair, or some type of supporting device to hold onto while lowering down, and standing back up.
  4. If no supporting device is needed, use your hands for momentum by pulling them in towards the center of your chest, and then pressing them straight to the sides of your body, as if they are pushing the air out of your way.
  5. Exercise based on a predetermined number of repetitions or time, but push yourself!

Bodyweight Squatting

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